5 Key Types of Social Media Marketing and How They Impact Your Business

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The key to social media marketing used to be sticking to one platform and expanding outwards with the goal of omnipresent marketing… Now, there are almost too many platforms to keep up with – and each platform has its own type of social media.

Instead of focusing on the platforms that could benefit you, it’s more efficient to focus on the types of social media marketing that work best for your business and build your presence on the platforms that offer it. You’ll still want to choose two to three types to diversify your marketing, but it’s nowhere near how to spread out you used to be. For example, if your business can produce great short video content and images, you would want to stick to Tiktok & Instagram.

Of course, before you can choose what to focus on, you need to understand your options; here are five types of social media you need to know about:


Video can be broken down into two main categories in social media, short-form, and long-form.

Short-form video marketing on social media is typically videos that are less than two minutes long. The most popular platforms are Tik Tok & Instagram Reels. Short-form video content is great for building brand awareness, sharing quick tips, and repurposing other content – like long-form video.

Short-form Video:

Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Triller, Snapchat Spotlight, & Pinterest Story Pins

Long-form video marketing on social media is anything longer than two minutes in length. Youtube is the most widely used long-form video platform that grows and relies heavily on SEO for rankings. This type of content is great for creators and businesses looking to teach in-depth, share long journeys, or walk through a process.

Long-form Video Platforms:

IGTV, Youtube, Facebook Watch, & Twitch


With the rise of audio marketing (think podcasting), more and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of the opportunity. The main reason is that a high-quality podcast is much more affordable to produce than a high-quality Youtube video.

Podcasting is also easier on the listener. Listeners are able to listen wherever they are, including driving, plane rides, or simply putting it on as background noise for daily activities. It’s less restricting than watching a video or scrolling through a feed.

Podcasting Platforms:

Apply Podcasts, Pandora, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, & more

Social audio is another type of social media marketing form that uses live discussions with the audience rather than pre-recorded conversations. While more time restricting than a podcast, they’re great for connecting directly with your audience.

Social Audio Platforms:

Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Spotify Greenroom, Twitter Spaces, & Clubhouse


Community platforms are vital in keeping your potential customers and clients in the same place – and give them access to exclusive and consistent content. Communities are great for businesses who are able to do the upkeep and really connect with their community members.

Plus, you’re able to give community members early access to offers, try out freebies, and gather feedback on existing products and services.

Community Platforms:

Facebook groups, Reddit, Discord, Slack


One of the most popular types of social media marketing is live streaming, right after short-form video. Livestreaming is live video content that typically interacts with the viewers, although the viewers are not in the video with them.

Livestreaming is available on almost all popular social media platforms – the only downside is that it requires consistent, quality internet. If the internet or video fails midstream, it leaves a wrong impression on your viewers.

Livestreaming Platforms:

Twitch, Instagram Lives, Tiktok, Youtube, & Facebook Live

* As of right now, Pinterest has beta-tested doing live classes with popular creators on the platform but have not added the full feature


The traditional social media marketing format – images. You can post and market using images + captions. No matter what your business is, you should be on at least one standard platform – if not all. These platforms are easier to market on because you can easily repeat and repurpose content.

Images & Inspiration Platforms:

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, & Tumblr

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social media

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