Why Business Podcasting is a Good Long-Term Engagement Tool for Your Brand and Marketing Strategy?


There’s no question that podcasts are popular, and the podcast listening demographic is on the rise, particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic. Podcasts are popular because they give listeners a way to consume information that doesn’t require them to read or keep their eyes on a screen. They can simply tune in and listen, whether it’s from their cell phone, their car on a long commute, working out, or catching up on household chores. In short, it’s convenient!

Why Bother with Podcast Marketing?

As a business owner, creating your own podcast is an excellent way to expand your market reach to a larger audience while at the same time offering valuable content and connection to your listeners. Even better, this value you get to provide to your listeners is free. Additionally, if you find sponsors and other complementary businesses that are interested in advertising on your podcast, you can earn extra revenue from your efforts.

On the flip side, if you don’t want to start your own podcast, you can still leverage podcast marketing by searching out podcasts within your industry and asking to advertise your business as a sponsor. If you do this on a podcast that has a large reach, then obviously, your own ability to expand the reach of your business grows. Incorporating podcast advertising into your advertising budget and digital strategy is almost a must in this age and era.

You can also treat podcast advertising somewhat like “guest blogging.” Essentially, you seek out podcasts within your industry that you can go on to as a guest speaker. Doing this is a way to share industry knowledge you’ve accumulated in an informal, enjoyable way, almost like having a chat with a friend over coffee, while you both talk shop. In the course of the podcast, you get to share more info about your business, products, and services to people who may not have come across them on their own, which could later turn into new customers or clients.

Benefits to Podcast Advertising

There are several benefits to utilizing podcasts in your digital marketing arsenal.

  • Brand building: You get to move beyond being viewed as only a business. Podcasts humanize your brand and help people get to know the person behind the brand, which is key for creating authentic connections.
  • Audience building: Whether you create your own podcast or use other methods like advertising or being a guest on a podcast, it’s a way to reach new people. By staying niche-focused, you may very well convert those new people into customers.
  • Engagement building: Everyone knows that keeping people engaged is tough in the online realm. Podcasts are one of the most engaging mediums currently available that don’t require a ton of skill to utilize. Listeners are more invested because they feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Right into their ears, in fact!
  • Skill building: Speaking of skills, podcasting is a great new skill to add to your business tool belt, and it’s much less difficult to learn than say—video creation. Producing high-quality videos is much more time consuming, and it requires a higher learning curve. Plus, podcasting is an excellent medium for those of you who don’t like to “write,” but boy, you love to talk!

Quick Tips for Creating a Stand Out Podcast

These tips are brief but key. Don’t attempt to dive into podcasting without first taking them to heart!

  • Do Your Due Diligence. Research, research, research. Seriously, research everything, like the pros and cons of different forms of podcast advertising (i.e., guest versus paid sponsor), the pros and cons of starting your own podcast, and how best to do each.
  • Look for Reputable Podcasts. If you want to be a guest, seek out well-known, reputable podcasts that relate to your industry. Being a guest lets you leverage some else’s existing work and audience, without the stress of creating your own podcast.
  • Consider a Producer Partnership. While podcasting isn’t a difficult skill to learn, it does take some effort if you want to create your own. Sometimes partnering with a skilled podcast producer is best while you learn the ropes so that you aren’t flying blind as you embark on your podcast journey. However, you really have to come up with a creative pitch to get one of these partners on board with your vision, so go all in, and don’t be shy!

Podcasting advertising is a compelling, effective way to build your business and brand and expand your audience reach no matter how you go about it. Even better, it’s actually fun!

Especially if you’re the gregarious type that loves to have intriguing convos with different people on a regular basis, and even if you’re not, paying for a sponsored slot on a well-known podcast can be just as effective, sans the uncomfortable chit chat—here’s looking at you, entrepreneurial introverts!

Looking to enter into the world of podcasts? Call in the advertising experts for help and get your brand heard.

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