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From process to people, tactical to strategic, recruitment to coworking experts, we're an excellent source of excellence. We never stop exploring, thinking, evolving, and carving out new sources of revenue for our clients. If you want it all – success, growth, fun, and a bag of chips – then let's make things better together.

We’re the wizards behind the curtain. The folks who make things happen behind the scenes in taking your goals to levels you never imagined. Just call us your idea activators.


From strategic planning to operational efficiencies and financial benchmarking, we're on your team. We'll help you run a smooth crew and a streamlined enterprise. You can't make it to the top without a great foundation. To truly succeed, you need a clear vision and leadership that takes you from breaking ground to groundbreaking.

We're pros at transforming businesses from good to great. We can help perform an audit to identify exactly where the problems are - and develop innovative solutions that make your business more nimble, scalable, and profitable.

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As the CEO, founder, entrepreneur, and head honcho you face a host of other responsibilities: building the right team, daily operations, cash flow, and crafting your next big idea to grow the business. The real challenge is turning insight into action.

Too often it seems the only way to get it done right is for you to do it. Either your team doesn’t have the skillset to make your ideas happen or the bandwidth to complete the project by the deadline. That’s where we come in. We have the passion, process, and expertise. Together we can take innovation from inspiration to implementation.

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Take the next big leap. Clear barriers and build momentum from the C-Suite to the mailroom. Relax, we'll take the lead, creating business processes and improving performance, proactively and collaboratively.

87% of organizations say culture and employee engagement are two of their top challenges. So it’s imperative you hire the right candidate the first time. We don’t just provide recruiting services, our all-inclusive approach develops and engages your employees. We train them to be true team players while alleviating the stress of compensation and performance appraisals. In the process, we also comb through the logistics of your payroll and other HR initiatives.

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Build your dream team. Round out your culture by hiring great people who offer different experiences, resources, and expertise.

We have specifically designed our talent acquisition services to target, identify and recruit outstanding professionals trained to help our clients boost productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and ensure accountability. We have a long-standing reputation for delivering "right fit" talent for specific hiring needs in high volume, competitive, and heavily regulated environments.

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When coworking was just a sparkle in the real estate industry’s eye, we were an integral part of the growth and development of this workspace concept. Our team has worked with industry leaders in the coworking space for more than 30 years. From running operations, hiring community managers, to guiding expansions and launching new spaces– we’ve done it all.

An estimated 10,000 coworking spaces open around the world each year. Joining the coworking space brigade can mean serious success — and serious bucks. However, it’s not as simple as just leasing commercial real estate office space and waiting for the checks to be cut.

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As government agencies and academic institutions implement more complex and creative initiatives, we offer an array of digital technology and creativity solutions. These include marketing communications, creative collaboration, brand continuity, and full-scale leveraging of digital marketing channels, positioning, and messaging platforms.

StellaPop is a proven 20-year-old, boutique Washington, DC metro-based agency that consistently delivers big results for our government and commercial clients.

We design and implement solutions that improve efficiency, identify and implement positioning, deliver mission-critical messaging, increase performance, and leverage channel success.

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The power
to get things done.


Operational inefficiencies can cost your business in revenue every year.


The number of small businesses in the US, 22m of which are sole proprietor organizations.


The amount of money that each new hire costs on average. Getting it right is vital.


Let's Get Together

The magic happens here and that magic comes with a secret – starting. Start knocking out the list, getting noticed and standing out in the crowd, together we can do the impossible.