Why You Should Embrace Video Now Rather Than Later


Video is king. The opportunities video offers businesses for genuine marketing is growing exponentially. Video has had its place in the marketing world for quite some time, but it’s been evolving and you need to take advantage of it. stellapop-click-to-tweet-290911-edited Here’s what you can expect to come from video and how you can grow with it:

Live Video

Live video isn’t just for teenagers showing off their summer vacation plans or proud parents live streaming their kindergartner’s graduation. It’s productively seeping into every industry. 80% of consumers say they’d rather watch a live video than read a blog and 82% prefer it to a brand’s social posts.

That’s not to say that blogging and posting on social media aren’t effective or important marketing strategies. However, not including live video content to your strategy is denying yourself access to a boost in leads, customers, and brand development. Here are a few tips to harness your brand voice through live video.

360-Degree Video

With 360-degree video, viewers can control their perspective. Though you still control the content they’re interacting with. The key with this is that by giving viewers control of what they’re looking at and how they become more involved with your content. This gives you a great opportunity to build an exciting user experience around your brand and services. The 360-degree video is a no brainier for sporting, travel, real estate, photography, and many other industries.

Virtual Reality

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Video is going VR in more than the gaming community. This type of video is becoming a huge asset in the education, healthcare, business, marketing, and social media industries.

Businesses using virtual reality in their marketing will be able to bring real-life experiences with their products to consumers over the web. We’re already seeing small examples of this in the beauty industries. Companies now let you “put on” makeup, like lipstick, virtually to test if the color is right for you.

If 96% of consumers already find video to be helpful when making a decision about a purchase, just imagine what VR can do for your business. It’ll be like setting up a physical store in every home with web access.

Video is Getting Personalized

One of the simplest and yet biggest developments in how video has grown in the business world is it’s use to communicate with individual consumers. In place of follow-up calls or emails, brands are now sending personalized video messages.

This is perfect for answering frequently asked questions, introducing new content to your email list, and sending out thank yous for purchases, applications, or other inquiries. Using video like this is more personable and will build trust.


You might be thinking, “vlogging isn’t new”, but it’s definitely trending and shouldn’t be ignored. Vlogging is great for developing a strong brand design and building a loyal community surrounding your brand. It allows viewers to feel connected to the speaker because they become real, and therefore relatable. It offers viewers authenticity and truly is a great opportunity to establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Plus, besides generating loyal customers, vlogging is a strategy that’s easily monetized through sponsorship and product placement. Essentially, the ROI’s for vlogging can be huge.

Make Video Part of Your Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t begun using video as part of your marketing strategy, the time is now. When there is a new or transforming tactic in marketing, you don’t want to say no. Video is even becoming increasingly search-engine friendly as Google is adapting to recognizing and displaying video content. You really can’t afford to not utilize the possibilities of video marketing. If it feels overwhelming, don’t shy away. Keep thinking big and ask for help. Let StellaPop get you there.


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