When it comes to results,
relationships matter

We build a lot of things. Strategies. Brands. Campaigns. Futures. But our ultimate goal is to build something bigger, deeper and more long-term than any transaction or click-through. We work extra hard to build meaningful, lasting relationships - the kind where everyone wins. Let’s make things better together.

Our Company

StellaPop is a management and creative consulting company, focused on business solutions, creative results oriented growth for the past seventeen years. StellaPop has a collaborative, innovative, community approach, and culture. We drive growth, build audience, develop processes, leverage technology, and connect brand message. Our client base has provided StellaPop the opportunity to serve a diverse group of sectors including public, private, manufacturing, retail, financial, science, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, aerospace, real estate, educational, for-profit, and not-for-profit.

Management Services

Team & Process Management
Leadership | Human Capital
Technology | Move Management

Creative Services

Design | Development | Branding
Marketing | Technology
Social Media | SEO 

Our History


Intandem Management is born as outsourcing and print procurement management company


Intandem develops software product for print production, procurement, and project management


Stella's Pop Factory the design firm is built to meet the creative services needs for Intandem clients


The first website is launched, brewed our first craft soda pop for branding and marketing, and launched social media @StellaPop


Introduced video service, partnered with DC Goodwill, Miss DC and rapper Kokayi


Stella’s Pop Factory officially becomes StellaPop. The new brand and website launched.


Intandem Management’s core business and software sold


Angie joins StellaPop as COO & partner to develop management consulting division, moved to new offices at 12110 Sunset Hills Road


Mike O'Grady

CEO, Partner

As the son of a career Army officer, I grew up moving many times. I’ve been to every state except Alaska and attended three different high schools. For the last 25 years, I’ve lived in the northern Virginia area. The place I now call home.

The one activity that has been a constant for me besides family, school, and sports was an interest in being an entrepreneur. As a kid, you saw me either with a basketball, soccer ball, baseball, lawn mower, rake, or snow shovel. I was that kid knocking on doors asking if a neighbor needed help with their chores. This curiosity and desire to figure out the business puzzle are the foundation of my business life today, at StellaPop.

I am the Founding Partner & CEO of StellaPop. Focused on creative business solutions and results oriented growth for the last 20+ years. StellaPop has a collaborative, innovative, community approach and culture. We drive growth, develop processes, and connect brand message. Our team comes to work every day because we want to solve and manage the biggest challenges for our clients because we're - better together.

Angie O'Grady

COO, Partner

For those that know me, I am a morning person through and through. As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, I am focused on how I can assist CEOs so we can improve their people, operations, brand, and bottom line. There’s nothing more fulfilling than freeing up those CEOs, who are dipping down in the day-to-day, so they have time to focus on the overall growth strategy that will drive the success of their company long term.

I am accomplished in leading and growing multi-location, nationwide companies through to profitable business ventures. My long tenure and leadership within high growth companies makes me an indispensable asset to organizations in need of leadership in the areas of operational excellence, streamlined efficiencies and processes, improved employee programs, and increased margins and profitability.

As COO, I’ve grown companies by more than 50% via organic and M&A growth. I excel in implementing sales strategies, improved processes, team member engagement, and marketing positioning to ensure profitability on all services and products. I have led and participated on efficient and high-impact executive teams, in addition to developing successful C-level client relationships at client companies. I spent almost 15 years as the President and Chief Operations Officer for Carr Workplaces and prior had 14 years of experience at a HQ Global Workplaces, now known as Regus.

In January 2015, I made the decision to join my husband, Mike as partner at StellaPop in business by providing the management consulting branch. When I’m not moving and grooving in business, you can find me lacing up my sneakers and hitting the running path or spending time with Mike at our son’s sporting events.

Brian Wilson

Creative Director

I’m type-lovin’, tuba-playin’ protagonist of fundamental design principles. From the beginning of my career, where print media still ruled the content war to digital user experience trends that change weekly, I’ve been in the thick of it all and have helped elevate organizations’ identities through the power of good design for the past 14 years.

After graduating from James Madison University (Go Dukes!) with a BFA in graphic design I dove head first into my career as assistant art director of AARP The Magazine. In my spare time, I felt a calling and obligation to assist small to medium-sized companies evaluate and redesign their brands on the cusp of this digital age and I launched my personal design consultancy before moving across the country to Prescott, Arizona to manage a family-owned plastic bottle manufacturing plant.

After the birth of my first daughter, I decided it was time to return to my roots. Back on the east coast I served in many managerial positions in the design industry. I was Deputy Art Director for Hanley Wood Media and later shifted to creative agency life at Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group before joining the powerhouse StellaPop team in 2015. Today, I get the best of both worlds designing for companies that are in their infancy to mega-million dollar businesses who are looking to give their established brand a refresh. Having this spectrum of work enables me to look at each client and each branding project through different lenses, further immersing myself in my craft with each client.

Christy Cooper


I’m all about building. Building systems. Building relationships with my clients. Building spaces. Building bridges to close the gap between business objectives and the technologies and processes to achieve them.

As a native of Northern Virginia, I have spent the last 20+ years in the commercial real estate industry fulfilling the needs of small to mid-sized businesses through my unique set of skills. In the late 1980’s, I began my real estate career owning and operating a real estate brokerage. Tempted by business associates in the telecommunications industry, I took my negotiation skills and represented telecommunications companies in securing access rights in commercial office buildings nationally. In 2004, I joined Carr Workplaces where my technology and real estate background converged as VP of Information Technology. I was instrumental in building the company to 35 executive business suites across the country that included the oversight of the construction process and the implementation of the various IT technology platforms.

I’m a techie at heart and love to help clients streamline their technology by developing model IT and communication services and support. I have taken my experience in telecommunications and commercial real estate to develop a robust product to support small businesses from lease signing to conducting business through a combination of technical, operational, construction, and project management experience.

In addition to my techie side, I have been known to rock a hard hat well on-site at our Workplace Services client sites.

Meggie Sheehan


I grew up in Michigan where I learned hard Midwestern values: Saturday is game day and everyone needs one good story. Perhaps that is where my great love of stories came from and I have spent my adult life participating in the art of storytelling in one form or another. Whether it was obtaining my degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature at St. Johns College or when I became an animator, I am constantly reminded of how stories connect us all. Now at StellaPop, through design and animation, I tell our clients’ stories. I have done motion design for Google, Youtube, Target, Toyota, Ford and more.

When I’m not working you can find me terrifying my husband with B horror films. But if he has escaped, I’m typically baking, reading, or planning my next travel adventure.

Meg Miller


I believe in the power of storytelling and bringing the human element back into the marketing and media world. Often, clients are challenged with figuring out their true story: Why they do what they do, what problem they solve, and what needs their business meets. My passion in this industry is rooted in that belief that I can have a true impact by helping to tell clients’ stories through social media. Like much of our team, I am also a NOVA native and very proud to have roots in such a great area. An organization nerd, I pride myself on planning operations, processes, and procedures to make everything as efficient and streamlined as possible.

As a people-person who got a degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Business, I thought I was made for Human Resources. So, I dove into my first official job in HR right after graduation from George Mason University (go Patriots!) before discovering my true calling: writing, social media, and marketing strategy.

If I’m not social media blitzing or planning content for clients, I could be anywhere on an adventure. I scratch my creative itch by doing photography, writing songs, and exploring new places or topics to write about. My happy place is in the woods on an ATV, watching the Capitals, or hosting an epic crab-feast on the water with family and friends.

Rachel Thomas


Dubbed an “ideas girl” when I was little, I have always loved coming up with new ideas and interesting concepts. As I grew older I developed a passion for strategy and design, and now find myself at the intersection of those two. I recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Communications and Public Relations. I also spent a summer studying graphic design at Parsons The New School in NYC.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling around the world and experiencing new things. If I haven’t been there or done it, it’s on my list. If I’m not somewhere exploring, you can probably find me looking at videos of dogs, eating spaghetti, or decorating for a holiday or event.

Kelly Fisne


I’ve always been the creative kid in the room suggesting funky ideas and concepts to try. Often times, I would go home after school and paint what I believed to be grand works of artistic importance in my bedroom walk-in closet. When I open those closet doors today, I’m struck with the realization that my overwrought expression of teenage angst was actually a skill being honed for my professional endeavors a decade later.

Right from the start, I have strived to learn as much as possible so that I may push my creative bounds and use it to start conversations that may not otherwise be had. After graduating from the University of Mary Washington, I began my career at a small marketing firm that required I wear many different hats. It was there that I was able to develop a social media management service to help small and medium-sized businesses effectively communicate with their audiences online in a smart and personable manner.

When I’m not managing companies’ social media accounts, you can typically find me walking my rescue dog with my fiancé, yelling at the Washington Capitals on TV, or baking and then immediately consuming sweets. I don’t paint on my parents’ walls anymore, instead I have moved on to creating abstract acrylic paintings on my easel while I listen to podcasts.

Alex Mansfield


I've enjoyed building things ever since I was a kid. When I wasn't busy playing ball, I was building things. In the summer, that meant forts and tunnels and in the winter, Lego cars and houses. I've always been a perfectionist about the things I build. I would tear a Lego creation apart and start over just to make sure the lines between blocks were perfect. I've carried that love of building and care for details into my career building things for the web. I've been building solutions for digital problems since the dial-up days. When not building things online, I like to stay active playing sports and traveling the world.