Savvy Business Owners Never. Stop. Marketing!


If there’s one thing that you should never––neva eva!––stop doing, it’s marketing your business.

It can be easy to think that because you’re so busy and you’ve got so much business coming in, you simply don’t need to market. However, if you don’t continue to market consistently, then oftentimes, that feast will be over before you know it, and then famine sets in.

Not convinced? Below are a few more reasons you should always market your business.

Marketing Feeds Your Bottom Line

Continuing with the feast and famine theme, think of marketing like food. If you’re not eating regularly, then your health can decline.

It’s the same with your business. If you’re not feeding your sales funnel a steady stream of leads on a regular basis, then eventually, business will slow, and you’ll have nothing in the pipeline to keep things running.

In other words, you’ll starve. Worse, your bottom line will starve, and that’s not good for anyone!

Marketing Keeps You in Demand

Let’s be real. It’s always better to have more clients and be in demand than only have a few clients because you decided to save yourself the hassle and stop marketing.

Plus, being in demand has the added benefit of allowing you to pick and choose who you work with. That means you get to be a tad picky and even fire the clients that give you ulcers! We really see no downside here.

Marketing Keeps Your Biz Front and Center

By continually marketing your business, you keep your brand on the radar of your potential clients. That means when they need your products or services, you will be the first business they think of.

Email marketing is a terrific way to facilitate this, especially when you master the art of mixing sales emails with entertaining or useful emails that people actually look forward to receiving.

Marketing Protects You from the Unexpected

Remember we said it’s always feast or famine? When you continue to market your business regularly and keep your business in the feast zone, you alleviate a ton of stress and worry.

This is especially true when unexpected events throw you for a loop––worldwide pandemic, anyone? Obviously, you can’t predict the future, but you can darn sure be prepared for it.

By keeping a strategic marketing plan in place and thinking ahead, you can be confident in weathering unexpected storms and situations that are beyond your control.

Marketing Positions You as a Leader

Even when the unexpected happens and other brands are simply swallowed up in unfortunate circumstances, your brand can stand out by marketing consistently.

You will not only keep your brand top of mind, but you’ll also position yourself as a leader in your industry, one who is there for their customers even when times are hard, and a brand they can trust and rely on.

The reality is that marketing is the lifeblood of any business. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors, it’s what draws in new customers, and it’s what keeps your current customers happy.

Yes, marketing can be an expense, but even if you’re not marketing, you can bet your competitors are. That means if you want to stay relevant in this ever-changing digital age, marketing consistently has to be part of your strategy, no excuses. And if you struggle with marketing, reach out and let us help you!

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