Government Agencies Need Great Product or Service Photography, Too

Government Contracting Photography

As a Government agency, it’s vital to invest in great photography. Relying on stock images or subpar photography will only hurt your brand – and your reputation – in the long term. Here’s what to know about the value of quality photography.

Why GovCon Agencies Should Invest in Pro Photography

A picture paints a thousand words. Pro photography works even harder. A quality product or service photos elevate your GovCon brand, generate trust, promote awareness, and help inform and communicate. As a Government agency, you’re the first port of call for people seeking information, education, or news updates. Investing in professional photography underscores your commitment to the communities you serve.

Here are just some of the benefits of professional photography:

  • Represents your community. Stock images are homogenous, familiar, and don’t represent local communities or neighborhoods. Professional photography delivers realism and verisimilitude. It shows that you’re on the ground and investing in your work – and community.
  • Yours to use. Instead of worrying about licensing and royalties, you can be confident that the professional images you’ve commissioned are yours to use – and won’t show up on your competitor’s website.
  • Tell your story. Professional photography is an opportunity to create a narrative, highlight crucial details, and zoom in on key personnel, locations, or moments. In modern marketing, storytelling reigns supreme – and professional photography will help you achieve your goals.
  • High-quality images. Stock images tend to be low-quality or rife with watermarks and restrictions. Professional photography gives you access to high-quality images that look great in both digital and print environments – for years to come.
  • Diversity of images. Let your photographer know what your goals for your photos are, and we’ll help you achieve a photoshoot that meets all of your needs. From static location shots to individual headshots through to shots of your team hard at work, we’ll make it happen – and all ideal for social media, press releases, or your website.
  • Videos and more. If static images aren’t enough, consider video footage. Your photographer can help you with videos of all types – and can help you convert videos into the formats you use on a daily basis.

Where GovCon Agencies Can Use Pro Photography

In today’s visual world, there’s no shortage of opportunities to leverage the power of professional photography. Some high-impact places your GovCon agency can use pro photos include:

  • Social mediaConnect with your audience through high-quality, authentic images of your team, workplace, or projects. Your posts will resonate more than stock photos or graphics.
  • Press releases, blogs, and websites. Capture the attention of journalists and the wider public with eye-catching imagery tailored to what you’re all about. You’ll get more eyeballs, more opens, and more shares.
  • Print materials. Whether you’re working on marketing materials or reports and publications, high-quality photography makes an enormous difference in elevating the end result. Don’t go to press with low-quality, generic images.
  • Personnel. Show your team in their best light with great-looking portraits that showcase their personality. Use these in galleries, in publications, and online – and lend a personal dimension to your communication efforts.
  • Shareable assets. Upload quality images to your intranet or website for other users to share or incorporate into projects or presentations. These will help you control your image across articles, research, and other efforts – and is a much better alternative than people using grainy, sub-par images found online.

Look Good. Talk to StellaPop.

StellaPop is a trusted name in marketing and brand development. From brand identities through to the creation of quality assets, we’ve got what it takes to help you put your best foot forward. We’re an active presence in the GovCon marketing world – and we’re here to help your agency succeed. For more information about our full-service branding and marketing services, get in touch!


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