7 Reasons Why Government Contractors Need a Robust Social Media Marketing Strategy


Despite the pervasiveness of social media, it can still be daunting for some businesses to fully leverage it for marketing purposes. This can be especially true for government contractors. But no matter how intimidating, the benefits of social media marketing can’t — and shouldn’t — be ignored.

Let’s look at some key reasons why social media should play a key role in any government contractor’s marketing strategy.

1. It Will Deepen People’s Understanding of Your Company

There’s only so many people can glean about your company from your website. But social media can infuse an authentic personality into your brand while also illustrating your capabilities in a fresh way. People tend to do business with those they trust and like, and a strong social media presence can help them understand the root of who you are and how you work.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

You no doubt have a budget for more traditional marketing tactics that might cost a pretty penny. And while you could spend money on social media advertising, it’s not a necessity. Simply having a strong presence on social media channels is a free — and super effective — way to tell the world about your company.

3. It Helps Foster Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration between companies can be a key component of success in the B2G realm. Sites like LinkedIn can help you discover potential partners for future ventures and new business pitches. And you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about their approach, capabilities, and culture at the same time they learn about yours.

4. It Helps Attract Quality Talent

The competition for talent is tough these days. With government contracting employees having their pick of potential employers, it’s more important than ever to distinguish yourself from your competitors. A strong social media presence is the perfect way to do this, especially with millennial professionals. Chances are, after visiting your website, they’ll immediately take to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see what you’re up to there. This is your chance to give them an inside look at your culture, benefits, and values.

5. It Gives Your Leaders a Human Side

It’s fine to tout your CEO’s resume and accomplishments on your website, but their vision and personality can really come alive on social media. You can accomplish this two ways: by sharing posts and videos of your leaders on your company page and by helping them run their own social media profiles. This will help people see that your company isn’t just hiding behind a marketing machine — that even your leadership is open and engaged.

6. It Gives You an Ear to the Ground

A robust social media strategy doesn’t mean just pushing out content — it also means listening. What better way to gain a competitive advantage than to learn your clients’ wants and needs? Once you have that deeper understanding, you can adjust your approach and marketing accordingly.

7. It Showcases Innovation

Every government contractor advertises how innovative and forward-thinking they are. But you can truly distinguish yourself by actually walking the walk. Nothing shouts innovation like having a non-responsive website and no social media presence, right? Nope. Use social media to show off your tech acumen and dedication to the future by being ahead of the curve and leveraging current trends. The show, don’t tell.

Now that you’re convinced it’s time to beef up your social media game, sit down and get organized. Your social media presence shouldn’t live in a vacuum—it needs to be part of a balanced marketing strategy that takes your unique audiences into account.

To dive a little deeper into social media marketing tactics and how they can help grow your client base, check out 8 Key Steps to Winning Government Contracts With Social Media Marketing.

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