Five Ways to Master the Art of Video Content


With the constant evolution of our worldly communication, education, and connection, it’s no surprise that we have found ourselves completely captivated by digital life (in the absence of human interaction).

Over the past four years, we have watched video marketing and video content skyrocket, luring audiences in across every single social and sales platform. In fact, 55% of consumers say they now use video content to help manage and drive their purchase decisions.

Studies even show that marketers who use video content to support consumer awareness typically grow revenue 49% faster than non-video-based users.

Why You Need Video Marketing Content

We see video content splashed, purposed, and re-purposed on all of our social media, education portals, and landing pages. Now, not only are brands able to educate and promote their products but their million-and-one consumers can too.

Platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik-Tok, and Snapchat have become pivotal for brands, blowing up in the industry and all in 20 seconds or less. Facebook alone accounts for over 100 million hours of video viewing per day!

In 2019, the number of digital video viewers worldwide totaled over 2.6 billion and is projected to reach over 3.1 billion by 2023 (the world population is 7.73 billion for reference).

Video content shapes how consumers find, buy from, and become loyal to brands and products they love. It has revolutionized every aspect of purchase behavior, with overall consumers standing 64% are more likely to make a purchase because of a video.

And Here’s Why Video Marketing Works …

Audio and visual communication has been used throughout time, from carvings and hieroglyphics to music and photographs. These two senses (vision + hearing) are the basis for understanding messaging; for example: featuring a video on your landing page shows a whopping 80% increased conversion rate alone.


Five Ways to Master the Art of Video

1. Find Your Audience:

Create content and messaging that is optimized for the platform that they use most. For example, 88% of Facebook users are aged between 18 and 29, while on Instagram, only 62.2% of users are aged 18-34.

Depending on the platform, you will need to tailor your messaging to suit the platform:

  • Instagram / Ticktock: capturing your message in a 60-second clip
  • Youtube / Facebook: 1 – 5+ plus videos

Know your ideal demographics, find them where they are, and stick to it!

2. Optimise for SEO: 

Youtube is the second largest video platform in the world and is owned by Google. Recently Google shifted its search algorithm to prioritize rich, blended search results focusing on video content. Now, you are 53x times more likely to show up on Google Searches top suggestions with a video embedded on your site.

Nearly 25% of Google search results now rank video and video keywords enhancing search results exponentially. Studies even show a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine result pages featuring video.

Even blog posts that incorporate video are shown to attract three times as many inbound links.

3. Keep it Short, Sweet, and Under 60 Seconds:

Overall, consumers like bite-sized, memorable, entertaining content; 60% of consumers indicate the longer the video, the more strongly they are deterred from watching.

Facebook shares that, optimally, 50% of value should be offered in the first 3 seconds, and to keep videos to 15 seconds flat for ideal impact. And on average, videos that are 26 seconds in length or shorter receive the most interaction and commentary on Instagram.

4. Create Inclusive Formats: 

When creating video content, make sure that you use as many inclusive cues as possible. Use text overlay for dialogue, show bullet points in text for info highlights, use clear, concise language to communicate your point, and use audio recordings to support.

Make sure your messaging can be seen, heard, read, and understood clearly and quickly with a variety of tools.

 5. Get creative:

Not everyone is comfortable on camera. If you can’t get your face on camera, at least get your voice and your viewpoint on there. Many business owners are turning to animation to help guide consumer videos taking the pressure away from the camera-shy.

Use a variety of video styles to amp up engagement, which could include:

  • Product reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • Educational clips
  • Lifestyle
  • Behind the scenes
  • Funny videos that align with your brand personality

Ultimately, over the past few years, the way we communicate, educate and connect has

Not only has video content become our olive branch to the world in the past few years, but it’s also revolutionized how we communicate and connect with the world around us, to our friends, family, workplace, and (of course) to the businesses we love.

And staying connected is more important than ever!

Ready to connect and create some incredible video content? We’re ready for you!



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