Run (Don’t Walk) into Business Blogging


The term ‘blogger’ has become synonymous with bustling, busy millennials with a story to share. 

But it’s so much more than that. 

Blogging has *hands down* become the most effective way to boost brand awareness, engage with target audiences and become an authority in any given industry. Statistics even show that nearly 77% of people around the world read blogs on the regular. 

Blogs serve as so much more than just content on your website, creating a foundation for reaching your customers with the information they value, as well as leveraging those search results. 

So in honor of leverage and consumer connections, we’re talking about how to get the most blog bang for your buck!

What’s Blogging for Business?

Primarily used as a marketing tactic, business blogging specifically targets visibility, conversions, and website traffic in support of an overall marketing strategy. Business blogging works the same as any other marketing channel (newsletters, social media, freebies), designed to support business growth in the big picture, long-term sense. 

Blogging helps businesses (big or small) reach their target audiences by producing content that is relevant. Authoring content relevant to their searches boosts businesses’ SEO, traffic, and, ultimately, conversions. 

Why A Blog?

The name of the game is keeping people on your website and engaging with your brand. The longer they engage, the more likely they are to convert. 

When potential and current customers land on your website, it takes approximately 50 milliseconds for them to decide if they’re going to stay, or go, which means businesses need to strike the interesting, informative, and engaging content while the iron is hot. 

With almost 4 billion people around the world connecting online every day, reaching them in their homes, on their computers, providing value has never been more … valuable.

In fact, if your blog can produce ENOUGH value, businesses can increase website traffic by upwards of 2000%! 

Top 5 Benefits of Blogging

The benefits of blogging for businesses are almost more than we (the expert bloggers here at StellaPop) can list, so we’ve rounded up our top 5 most pivotal reasons why you should start a blog YESTERDAY:

1. SEO 

Informative blogs can really work to boost your SEO, focusing on long-tail keywords for higher conversion rates based on your niche. 

Using keywords and long-tail keywords peppered throughout your blogs also helps to pinpoint the questions and needs of your consumers by targeting more specific searches over time. 

Blogs with quality information that are regularly updated also help the Google search algorithm to pick up on your site and indexed pages by staying fresh in with Google page crawlers. 

Similarly, without regular content or blogs, crawlers will skip over your site, looking for the next best, most up-to-date match in the search bar. 

2. Drives Traffic

As we mentioned, keeping website content fresh and up-to-date helps to get your site listed with Google search results. Search results are the best way to get new people onto your site. Increase website traffic. 

Websites with blogs have a collection of what’s called indexed pages, or website pages, that a search engine has visited, analyzed, and filed into its database of web pages. Pages become indexed when requested or when the page is organically discovered through a search engine or links. 

Websites with blogs have around 434% more indexed pages in search engines, giving more opportunities for potential customers or visitors to find your page when searching for keywords included on your site. 

3. Repurpose Content 

Keeping current, interesting, and on-trend with content (across numerous channels) can be exhausting and hard to keep up with. That said, investing in a blog can help to inform and direct multiple pieces of content across multiple channels from a single 700-word post.

A blog post can easily become a static Instagram Post, Facebook Carousel, LinkedIn article, podcast script, or audio post. In turn, that audio can become an illustration or animation and be posted. With video content, content becomes accessible on another series of platforms, including TikTok and Youtube. 

Each blog investment can propel you into a full-blown content strategy. 

4. Increased Dwelling Time

Circling back to the beginning, we know that it’s all about keeping people on your page, increasing overall Dwelling Time, or the amount of time a person spends browsing a webpage after they’ve clicked a SERP (search engine results page) link, but before clicking back to the SERP results.

SERP results are a key metric in determining the performance of your site and provide tremendous insight into what your audience is most interested in. 

For each blog post, users are more likely to stay on your page exploring, adding to the indexed page count for your site, giving more opportunities to show up on the SERP, and driving traffic back to your site. 

5. Backlinks (traffic, SEO, and engagement)

There are 200 factors that the Google algorithm considers when ranking sites on their SERP, and inbound links or backlinks are one of them. Backlinks are links to other pages on your site or to other websites that most SEO experts see as one of the top most important factors in determining that page’s search engine optimization. 

With 41% of SEO experts claiming backlinks are critical, they also say it’s the most challenging part of building SEO.

Here at StellaPop, we love a blog (or a lot of blogs) and have a service designed to help you love yours. 

Click through to find out more about how we can deliver a big bang with blogs!


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