Recruiting Tips: Hire Right the First Time


The hiring process can be equated to a thorn in your side. That’s not how hiring has to go and if it is, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know where to begin with hiring and find themselves unsure of how to attract the right talent for their needs.

Right now, it’s an applicant’s market. The demand for qualified, hard-working candidates is well outweighing the supply. This means if you want to attract and retain the best available talent you can’t afford to wing it.

To that end, let’s talk about the, how in successful hiring.

The Timeline

As you begin your hiring process, one point to keep in mind is you’re not the only one looking for talented candidates. The longer your hiring process takes, the higher chance you’ve of talented potentials accepting offers somewhere else.

Typically, a hiring process that takes two to four weeks is ideal.

Attract and Retain

A good recruitment team acts as a marketing team. Ultimately, your goal is to attract the best and retain the best. This means much like you need to know your customer market, you need a deep understanding of who you want to hire and how to make your company attractive to them.

Before you even craft your job posting, you should detail your ideal candidate and not just their skills. Think about what motivates them, what engages their creativity and even what inspires their loyalty. Then, you’ll use that information to ensure you’ll be attracting that candidate.

For example, if your ideal employee is a self-starter and ambitious. Benefits that highlight available skill training, education opportunities and potential career advancement are going to be important. Ambitious people also tend to be competitive. So, instituting a friendly in-office competition for quarter goals is another way to attract and retain those employees.

Remember, hiring isn’t just about filling a function in your company. You’re looking for a person that’ll contribute to and work well within your work culture and values.

Get creative and get very, very purposeful.

Know What You Want

With that end in mind, be specific as you decide who your ideal employee is. Focus on what holes you need filled. If everyone is great and weak in the same areas, those weaknesses will run deeper and deeper within your company. A new hire is a huge opportunity to eliminate gaps and strengthen your company.

You don’t need to settle. Go for the wish list.

Know What You Don’t Want

Just as important as knowing who you want to attract, know what you don’t want and develop screening questions to quickly weed out candidates.

You’ll want these questions to be clear cut, without much grey area so it’s easy for you to eliminate candidates.

Something to consider here is if your applicant pool is largely candidates you’re not interested in, you’ll want to re-evaluate your job posting. While some applicants will apply even if they know they aren’t qualified, your job posting could actually be attracting the wrong applicants.

Work With a Talent Acquisition Team

As much as hiring can be a pain, it’s important to get it right.

StellaPop does talent acquisition and recruiting for you. This means you can have experts do the heavy lifting to ensure you’re getting the best talent for your company.

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