Project the Right Vibe and Attract More Talent to Your Team


Today’s world is vastly different from the world even 10 or 15 years ago. And nothing has changed and continues to change faster than the ever-evolving job market.

Businesses that want to not just survive, but thrive, have to move fast, think fast, step outside the box, and be willing to go the extra mile to attract top talent to their team.

Today’s workers aren’t just about the paycheck any longer. Yes, an attractive and competitive offer is wonderful and definitely will sweeten the pot. But today’s employees are looking for something more.

In our fast-paced society, top talent is also looking at things like company culture and the vibe that is projected, what kind of flexibility in scheduling is offered, and whether the company has core values that align with their own.

They want to see that those core values are reflected in how the business is run and how employees are treated. After all, they will be investing a significant amount of their time into their chosen workplace and spending a large amount of time with the people found there, so they want it to be time and energy well spent.

Time has become a supremely valuable commodity, and the workforce today wants more control over how and where they spend it. With that said, here are some tips on making your business more attractive to the type of talent you’re looking for.

Gotta Have That Vibe, Baby

Many of those entering the workforce today are millennials. They are actively seeking a place to work that gives them a “good feeling,” a place that makes them feel as though they belong there, and they will enjoy working there. Click-to-tweet

You need to honestly assess the team you’ve already got and discerned whether or not they are helping or hindering your efforts to cultivate a good atmosphere.

The more people you already have on your team projecting good vibes and positive energy, the more talent you will attract that possesses those same vibes and good energy. It starts from the top down.

If you have people on your team that consistently leave everyone with a sour taste in their mouth after having to deal with them, it may be time to make a hard choice and let them go.

Project the vibe you want to attract, and the top talent that already possesses that enthusiastic energy will walk away from a job interview with your team excited about the possibilities.

Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Someone considering coming into a company wants to feel as though there is massive potential there for a real long-term commitment. They want to see momentum, opportunities, and a bright future embodied in the culture of the company.

They want to work somewhere that offers an opportunity for real growth, growth that won’t be stifled after reaching the 3rd rung on the ladder.

A business owner that believes the sky is the limit for their company, should transmit that energy and enthusiasm to their team, so they also believe the sky is the limit, not just for the business but for themselves as well and the role they play.

Flexibility, fun, and balance are also important for today’s employee, which is one of the reasons the coworking industry is growing so quickly.

Vibin’ and Brandin’

If your vibe is what people feel when they work for your company, then your brand could be looked at as what people feel when they consider doing business with your company. So, it may be helpful to think of the talent you’re trying to recruit like they are your customers and clients first.

Not only do you want the inner core of your company to be an attractive place for team members to work, you want your brand to resonate with your perfect customer too. And sometimes the perfect customer can wind up being the perfect employee.

They are attracted to something about your business in the first place, and that is usually the brand you project. When a potential candidate can walk away from your interview process still thrilled they were even considered for the job, even if they didn’t get it… you’re doing something right.

At the end of the day, recruiting and landing top talent is all about finding the right fit. It starts with how people perceive your company online (and off), the vibes and energy they get from the team you’ve already got in place, and the growth prospects your company offers for the next few years.

Be the type of business that attracts the type of people you want working for your team, and then be a little ruthless in protecting that vibe. Hire people because they are the absolute best fit, not merely because they are qualified.

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