Prepare for Holiday Marketing With These 6 Tips


Holiday Marketing Tips

American Thanksgiving marks when families get together, bask in the company of loved ones, overeat, and traditionally gear up for the absolute holiday shopping frenzy that is about to ensue. 

Starting the day after Thanksgiving this year, Nov. 25, 2022, online retailers offer massive savings on everything from clothing to major appliances for five consecutive days culminating with Cyber Monday.


In 2022 Black Friday stands as a five-day spending frenzy that allows retailers to move huge amounts of stockpile in a few days and to maximize ROI. 

Black Friday 2022 in Numbers 

For decades now, Black Friday has been all about generating booming traffic, sales, and EOFY gains. Unofficially known as the start of holiday shopping, the days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday in 2021 saw over 47 million global customers, according to Shopify.

As reported by Shopify in 2021, online shoppers hit Black Friday with $6.3 billion in sales, a 23% leap compared to 2020, making it the second largest online spending day in U.S history with an average cart price increase of $100 per shopper. 

Looking at the 2022 holiday shopping season, from Nov. 1 → Dec. 31, Adobe predicts sales to hit a whopping $209.7 billion, a further 2.5% increase from the year before. 

A further study by National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics showed that American shoppers topped 180 million people from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, up from 92.3 million in 2020. 

The Top 6 Tips for Your Holiday Marketing Madness

This is the time of year for businesses, branding, and succinct messaging strategies to come full circle and knock the socks off of consumers. 

It can be a stressful, energetic time, and managing it accordingly can relieve at least half the stress. So here are StellaPop’s Top Six Tips for planning, executing, and successfully thriving during your holiday marketing:

1. Start Early (Really Early)

Black Friday (and the holiday shopping season in general) marks the biggest opportunity of the year to nail marketing and drive incredible revenue. Business should start early … and honestly, we recommend starting at the start: build your annual planning around this period. 

Most major retailers work in Black Friday phases, starting at least two months earlier than the big day to push their messaging. And you should too. 

2. Gear Up Your Website Optimization

Plan in advance any updates or installs you’ll need to support the sheer volume of traffic to your site. Website Speed Load is crucial to converting sales and filling carts. Your site should be responsive, easy to follow, offer a multitude of payment options, and be totally integrated with your shipping and customer service. 

You’ll also need to pepper-you-page with clear CTAs (call-to-actions) that help direct customers easily to the right page, find the right products, and check out! Make it seamless and effortless for them to do what they came to your site to do – and fast. 

3. Increase Social Media Presence 

Black Friday needs visibility and organic engagement with your brand to really work. 

Leaning into social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses can create excitement for their BF sale, highlight key products on offer, and drive traffic back to their site for customers to browse in advance. Social Media can also give incentives to current customers for sharing the BF content with other potential customers, for example, a discount code only available through a direct share. 

Using social media to drive customers back to your site also prompts newsletter signups … the next heavy hitter on our list. 

4. Build, Build, Build Your Email List 

Time and time again, email marketing proves to be the highest-ranked strategy when it comes to converting. A carefully planned EDM strategy can increase conversions by 4.1%, ranking higher than search, direct or social strategies. 

If you spend the year growing your email list through social and web engagement, businesses can look to increase their revenue by 4.1% of a grossly larger customer database. Constantly work on building your email list, and plan in advance the sequencing you’ll use to create the biggest impact on sales. 

5. Create Novelty with Your Marketing 

According to The American Psychological Association (APA), novelty is defined as having “the quality of being new and unusual, and our brains are hardwired to find it. Novelty is a powerful driver of how your brand and marketing impact your customers, especially when there is a high volume of competition. 

Creating impactful, bold, surprising branding around your holiday marketing to grab the attention of your customers. Aim to create distinct offers, coupons, interactive countdowns, and DTC messaging that land in their hands. 

6. Stress-Test Your Systems 

We can’t stress this enough, stress-test your mobile shopping experience. 

Mobile is driving over 52% of internet traffic, and watching the use of desktops is declining. For e-commerce stores, make sure that your platform, checkout process, and tech is not only working but can handle the flow. Research shows that 91% of consumers will leave a mobile site within seconds if it isn’t up to their standard so that a huge margin of error for not getting it right. 

Looking to enhance your holiday marketing, year-round, from A to Z?

StellaPop is ready on the line!

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