Perspective Shifts: Tips for Finding (and) Re-Igniting Your Creative Mojo 


Feeling tired and uninspired? You’re probably not alone. The current global climate essentially cultivates information fatigue. There’s just too much coming at us all so fast; it’s mentally and emotionally draining.

Unfortunately, that fatigue can sap your creativity and productivity. Don’t despair, though; you can get past it. You just need to make an itty bitty perspective shift.

Who Cares About Perspective?

Actually, your perspective––which is how you perceive the world and interpret it and situations in your life––can impact your creativity quite a bit. It can also impact your mental health and your overall joy and satisfaction in your day-to-day living.

Never mind the havoc a poor perspective can wreak on your productivity levels! If you’ve ever been caught in an endless cycle of anxiety and procrastination, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about.

Everything you create in your life is impacted by your perspective, thoughts, and where those thoughts take you. You can choose to go somewhere good in your thoughts or somewhere bad, and which you choose will ultimately determine what comes out of you––or doesn’t come out at all. In most cases, a negative perspective only leads to proverbial brick walls and a sharp decline in your creativity.

A perspective shift can help you:

  • Feel inspired and see beauty all around you.
  • Focus on the good things in your life or business.
  • Cultivate gratitude and see things you previously took for granted in a new way.
  • Spur you to seek solutions to problems instead of wallowing in them.
  • Experience different, potentially new emotions and use them to fuel that creative spark.
  • Develop a mindset that’s geared for growth and a willingness to take risks.

All of these things can help fuel your creativity and re-ignite that spark of enthusiasm you may have been missing. Some tips for changing your perspective include:

Focusing on the Positive

It almost seems to be a natural inclination to lean toward negativity. We as a species seem to constantly focus on what’s bad in a day, essentially increasing an ‘everything is bad’ mindset. Let’s be real; Negative Nellies are a dime a dozen!

However, remember that what you focus on grows. Your focus on a thing gives that thing life. It’s much harder to intentionally incline your thoughts to what is positive and good in a day, especially when inundated with so much fear porn in the news and media.

Despite the challenges, when you’re intentional about cultivating positive thoughts and a positive mindset, you’ll find your creativity and productivity will rise to meet your bright and lofty thoughts. So be intentional about choosing positive thoughts and emotions and allow that beautiful river of creativity to flow.

Attaching an ‘And’ to that Thought

Black and white thinking can sometimes be too rigid. Not everything is always ‘either/or.’ Sometimes, there’s an ‘and’ in the mix. Different ideas that may seem contradictory on the surface can still coexist.

You might call these the gray areas, and when you allow yourself to ponder the gray areas and explore them, you can open the door to a perspective shift. With that shift in perspective, your creativity suddenly has room to expand and grow.

Putting Yourself in Another’s Shoes

Your grandma might have taught you this one, but sometimes it just helps to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. The truth is there are times in life where it’s difficult to see beyond ourselves. ‘My’ perspective is the only valid one and, therefore, the only one worth entertaining.

However, this closes you off to obtaining the dual gifts of understanding and empathy. Learning how to place yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you learn to appreciate nuances in thinking and living. This leads to a perspective change which in turn leads to a boost in your overall creativity. Remember that your perspective is part of what drives how and what you create.

There are other ways to shift your perspective, too, like focusing on the big picture, practicing gratitude, and opting to see events as neutral, with no innate value other than what you choose to assign to it. Ultimately, the more tools in your toolbox to help you see something in a different way, the better. By allowing your perspective to be fluid and allowing for some ebb, flow, and change, you can help keep your well of creativity from becoming stagnant.

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