Ditch the Dream: Be An Original Doer In All Your Creative Work

original creative work

Have you ever heard of TikTok? The video streaming app teaching its 1.1 billion users that the easiest way to get famous is to be trending – aka doing the same thing as everyone else. They do the dance, use the audio, then they get the views. A LOT of views. But, like everything else, every TikTok trend comes to an end.

So, what happens next? 

Views start fading, and users are forced to move onto the NEXT trend to sustain their fame. The only exception is the original creator, the one who started the trend and might even start the next.

Being original in your creative work is about creating something lasting, something that doesn’t fade with trends. It’s the key element to standing apart from others and, of course, leaving a lasting impression.

Still, it’s not always easy coming up with something new or different. We often struggle to be the original creative, to keep standing out from our fellow creators. Sound familiar? Follow these tips to be original in your creative work:


When you try to be original, you become LESS original – or you stop creating altogether. We are all dreaming (or trying to dream) of the idea that “no one has ever had before.” And while striving to be unique is fine, don’t let it prevent you from getting started!


Try something new and uncomfortable. New creations are made by trying something unexpected, and it’s okay if it doesn’t work out. There is no “wrong” or “right” answer when creating; there is only “almost there” or “not quite.” Discovering what doesn’t work or what is working is another step closer to the finished piece.


What some may see as an amazing team resource can end up being a great idea’s downfall. Groupthink encourages groups to corporate and coordinate their ideas for the betterment of the company or project. Except you end up with the majority while ignoring the minority – and the majority is NOT always right.


Have you heard of editing? You can edit anything as a creative. Your art, designs, copy – everything can be edited. Sometimes, as creatives, we realize we don’t like what we’re working on, so we stop halfway. The problem is, although we don’t like what we’ve created, we don’t have a backup plan.

Instead of throwing in the towel and starting brand new, finish off the project and edit it to your liking. Don’t like the edits? Start over. Now you know what NOT to do!


Or at least avoid them. If you’re keeping constant tabs on others in your field, it’s hurting rather than helping. Watching your competitors seems like a good idea in theory, but nine times out of ten, you end up feeling intimidated, overwhelmed, and as though there’s nothing left for you to create.


It’s easy to feel like your creations are not good enough to deliver, publish, or post. As creative people, we take pride in our work. Although our pride can lead to amazing results, it can also cause us to second guess ourselves. Let go of your need to be perfect and look at your creation from a different perspective or step back for a day and reapproach your work.


Stop trying to be a trend, be an original. Originals create ideas and media that last, not ones that disappear in a month. Originals stand out amongst their peers and are not afraid to try something new.

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