Marketing Your Coworking Space Pre-launch


A healthy subscriber base is crucial for the success of your coworking space. Ideally, you’ll already have a solid roster of tenants signed up before you open. This will help reduce risk on the business side of things and will also create buzz for potential new tenants.

Here’s how to market your offering so that you can launch with a splash.

Build Your Online Presence

Digital channels are critical for getting the word out. You’ll want:

  • a high-performing website to collect leads
  • social channels that drive engagement locally
  • an AdWords campaign for local freelancers and startups
  • a paid social campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • a newsletter that offers news, deals, and perks
  • a consistent and well thought out blog strategy

Keep interested parties updated on your space’s status with photos (real or aspirational), tenant profiles and facts and stats relevant to your space and niche.

Make sure that your website has sign-up and payment options to make it easy for prospective tenants to join. Tenants should also be able to easily get in touch via social media. Actively monitor your accounts, and always include an email, phone number or open DM functionality.

Build Your Real-World Presence

Don’t forget the power of traditional media and traditional networking. To build buzz before your launch:

  • prepare a media kit and send out press releases
  • contact local print, radio and television media organizations
  • attend events, expos and meet-up groups
  • install signage and wayfinding
  • do a business card/flyer drop

Be sure to include the location of your space, contact details, your anticipated launch date and any discounts or perks.

Additionally, if your space has unique or distinguishing features, point those out! Health insurance, daycare, shuttle buses or an on-site coffee shop are all talking points that will make you newsworthy, garnering coverage and conversions.

Bring on the Referrals

Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing. stellapop-click-to-tweet And in coworking, your tenants’ friends, colleagues or clients are exactly the kind of people you want to reach. This is especially true if you’re running a niche space, say in tech or design.

You can reach them with:

  • An incentive program with perks like discounted rent for referring a friend
  • “Bring a friend” cards inviting friends to visit when you open
  • Regular free access days for non-members

Get People into Your Space

Pre-launch visits, tours or sneak peeks are also a great way for people to check out your space and try it on for size. Plus they give you an opportunity to respond to any feedback prior to your launch.

And, of course, there’s nothing like the launch night party for drawing the crowds and building buzz.

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