Human Connection: Recruiting the Right Way By Real People

Recruiting Human Connection

Have you heard the phrase ‘Always be recruiting (ABR)?

Now that you have, seriously … always be recruiting.

Because next to retaining good people, finding them is proving to also be a challenge – so businesses really have to get it right the first time.

Statistics show that, on average, businesses in the U.S are spending nearly 50% of their budget and overall resources on their people – and seeing that its people are the greatest asset a business has – the juice is worth the squeeze.

So how do you get the right people through your doors?

Step 1: stop relying solely on A.I.

Why the Right Hire is Critical

If you’ve ever made the wrong hire – then you know what a costly, frustrating, time-consuming (sometimes all-consuming) error it is. It takes time, resources, and serious financial investment to attract, recruit and retain good people.

We know the wrong hires can waste time, money, and resources but can also break a tight budget. In fact, in 2021 alone, disengaged employees (aka. the wrong hires) cost U.S businesses upwards of $550 billion.

The opposite is true for the right hire;

Statistics show that the right hire for a business accelerates productivity, enhances customer impact, increases overall skill set, and improves team culture and employee engagement.

So critical is an understatement.

Why You Need to Keep Hiring Human Centered

Now that we understand the importance of the right hire, it’s time to look at how we’re going to get there.

It’s estimated that around 70% of the currently employed are open to a change if it leads to more meaningful, connected, and engaged jobs or careers. Which means businesses need to actually make connections and bond with potential employees if they are going to entice anyone to make the switch.

Candidates aren’t likely to get the warm fuzzies for your business without a real strategy and a real connection – which ultimately requires human connection and judgment.

How AI Keeps a Place on the Team

But while using humans to make human connections makes perfect sense – using automated systems and artificial intelligence to streamline the process to reduce wasted time and resources makes sense too.

A.I can automate monotonous tasks, make initial cuts to the list and alleviate some of the decision-making in the process. Recruiters can rely on A.I. to nix applicants that show red flags or who very clearly not be a fit for the role.

From there, human recruiters can sweep in, carefully assessing appropriate candidates, making first contact, and beginning to build a real relationship – a crucial touch point of recruiting and increasing retention.

Why Real People Should Hire Real People

The current labor market landscape in the U.S is inefficient and overwhelming. As of today, there are around 7 million job openings, with a grim 6 million job seekers to fill them.

This makes precise, accurate, enticing recruitment all the more important – and human connection all the more critical to success.

Here’s why at StellaPop we continue to focus on the good stuff and drive our recruitment services with human-focused, authentically connected, real-live humans:

1. Real Relationships

Top talent needs more than just a good salary these days – they need to be seduced;

Personal time off, flexible workflows, enjoyable environments, and company culture all play a role.

And a solid relationship prior to, during, and following an interview process can help top talent make the switch. Strong relationships and interoffice connections can be a unique selling point for businesses and a driving force in a potential employee’s reasons to accept an offer.

2. Consideration of Soft Skills 

Although A.I can source candidates with the right skills, education, and experiences, it’s not capable of isolating potential candidates that have a bad attitude, poor interpersonal skills, or extravagant expectations about the role.

Human recruiters have the critical ability to consider candidates through a lens of workplace morale, the intermeshing of personalities in the workplace, and to construct highly personalized responses to candidate interviews and questions.

Hard skills are easy to come by, but soft skills are equally important and require human consideration before making a judgment call.

3. Eliminate Prejudice

Despite A.I. being used and developed over the last decade, it’s clear that A.I. doesn’t increase diversity and representation in the workplace; in fact, it is reducing it. Research shows that A.I. is inherently biased and tends to reinforce inequality in the recruitment process.

AI systems are built without the benefit of historical data sets to train AI systems for the modern world and modern hiring. AI tools are typically based on hiring profiles that are common and often overlook candidates that don’t use the exact job description jargon, meet education standards or offer a profile that is slightly different.


Our best advice?

Let StellaPop take the whole thing off your hands with our top-line Recruitment Services.

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