How to Win at Digital Marketing – The eBook Edition


Online is the new IRL. Consumers are increasingly browsing, shopping, and connecting in the digital realm, meaning that brands need to step up their digital marketing game. The bottom line, if your digital presence is lacking, your profits will too.

(Don’t believe us? Studies show that 46% of consumers prefer to shop online, and a whopping 82% of consumers are going to stick with online shopping post lockdown. If all your ad spend is on print, you’re missing out on a sweet piece of the pie.)

But the great thing about digital marketing is this: you can do a whole lot with just a little. Digital marketing gives boutique brands the chance to level the playing field and compete against the big guys – without going into the red on ad spend. (Just don’t tell those brands spending up big on SuperBowl ads.)

At StellaPop we live and breathe digital marketing. In fact, we wrote the book on it. It’s called How to Win at Digital Marketing, and it delivers exactly what it promises.

In it, we’ll show you how to:

  • Optimize for SEO (and keep optimizing). An SEO-friendly website is one of the best marketing tactics around. Add an informative, regularly updated blog, buzzy social channels, and a properly fleshed-out Google My Business profile, and watch your visibility soar.
  • Build a tried-and-tested PPC campaign. Get your ads in front of a highly targeted audience on Google, FB, or popular content sites with a pay-per-click campaign. Tailor your ads, write an irresistible call-to-action and keep refining for better and better results – and 2:1 ROI.
  • Take advantage of location targeting. Reach local shoppers, diners, and entertainment lovers leveraging geotargeting and search histories – and serve up ads that meet them where they are (or where they’re going to be).
  • Lean into data targeting. Use search histories and demographic data to define specific demographics, interest groups, and purchasing intent – and serve up segmented ads to the most relevant possible audience.
  • Remarket like a boss. Going from awareness to “buy” takes time. Remarketing is a smart, high-ROI tactic that lets you serve up ads to people who are interested in your stuff – but haven’t yet converted.
  • Analyze and adjust. A powerful digital strategy is underpinned by data – and course corrects as new data and information come in. Set SMART goals, milestones, and benchmarks, and move the goalposts as needed.
  • And more! We’ve prepared stats, quotes, checklists, how-tos, and success stories to help you go from digital n00b to marketing pro in a flash.

Ready to shine online? We’ve got your back. Click here to download the ebook (it’s free!) and learn the evidence-backed digital marketing tips and tricks that will make your brand the envy of the internet!

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