The Power of Geoframing to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing


Are you sometimes amazed at how accurately you’re targeted by ads—especially ads that pop up, say, for a store you’re currently in? Of course, we all know that’s no mistake. Marketers are getting savvier by the day in how they serve you ads and offers. And what’s making that even easier? Geoframing.

What Is Geoframing?

Geoframing is a highly accurate form of geolocation targeting that allows you to create custom audiences based on people’s specific locations. Not only that, but it allows you to know during what timeframe those audience members were in an exact location.

How Does Geoframing Work?

Geoframing uses historical mobile device data—gathered from things like location information from users’ apps—to determine latitude-longitude coordinates. These coordinates make it possible to create a very specific geoframe that’s accurate down to the square meter. In addition, this allows marketers to capture Unique Device IDs of those who were within that geoframe during a certain timeframe. Those Unique Device IDs can then be mapped to the owners’ addresses—creating the opportunity to launch direct mail campaigns.

How Can I Use Geoframing in My Marketing?

Geoframes are used to create a snapshot of a moment (or two) in time so that the data can be used to target individuals after they’ve left a certain location. There are a number of ways to leverage this hyper-targeted information:

  • Attract repeat customers. If you know someone visited your store two days ago, you can serve them a digital ad to try and entice them to come back—perhaps offering a discount or coupon.
  • Target competitors’ customers. What can you do if you have a list of people who visited your competitor last week? Target them with even better deals to try and get them to shop with you instead.
  • Launch an integrated campaign. Thanks to the ability to collect the mailing addresses of those in your geoframe, you can not only retarget your audience digitally but also via direct mail—making your campaign that much more powerful.

When coupled with a comprehensive marketing plan, geoframing can amp up your retargeting efforts and help you move your audience through the sales funnel. If you need some help getting started, reach out!

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