Christmas in July: the Ultimate Summer-Slump Breaker

Christmas in July

It’s the middle of summer, which means…it’s time to break out those jingle bells and Santa hats!

If you read that sentence with an eyebrow raised because Christmas is a whole six months away, you might be in a rut. Ruts and lulls happen when we keep doing the same old, same old because that’s how it’s always been done. But while traditions and routines are fine and good, there’s a point where the world will leave you behind.

Why do you think Christmas in July became a thing?

Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s July!

Isn’t it a pity that Christmas only comes once a year? And that only the Southern Hemisphere gets to enjoy it during their warm weather days? Enter Christmas in July.

A mid-year Christmas might have only become a big business recently, but the idea has been around a while. Apparently, Christmas in July dates back to the 1930s, when an enterprising summer camp counselor decided to host a two-day Christmas celebration for their campers. The movie Christmas in July followed in 1940, and retailers jumped on the trend in the 1950s as a way to help get through those slower retail months. Two Christmases means twice the Christmas sales, after all.  

There are a ton of reasons why this silly celebration has resonated with both businesses and the public at large: 

  • Thinking about snow and ice during 100-degree weather is a nice Jedi mind trick
  • Shoppers get to take advantage of mid-year sales for their real Christmas shopping
  • Shoppers/businesses get to be creative with summery takes on Christmas traditions
  • Companies get to drive more sales!
  • Christmas in July falls when family and friends are off school or work
  • The holiday breaks up the year!

What Your Brand Can Take Away from Christmas in July

Look to Christmas in July for inspiration if your brand feels the summer slump. And we don’t just mean running a mid-year Kris Kringle party in the office. We mean using the summer slump as motivation for making changes that will help you stand out from the competition. Here’s how:

  • Run a mid-year sale or campaign. Are sales slow in the middle of the year? Design a seasonal sale or run a killer ad campaign and tie it into the summer months (or even a themed day). Any new customers you land now will have you top-of-mind for end-of-year holiday shopping. Just remember to capture their details!
  • Revitalize your brandingIf the summer is quiet, use the downtime to refresh and update your brand identity. Review your brand guidelines, update your design and colors, and work on new merch and marketing materials. 
  • Host a fun event or bash. Give people a reason to come see you. Whether your event is in-person or virtual, make it full of reasons to attend. Think guest speakers, great tips and tricks, an amazing menu, or freebies. Events build awareness and habits – especially if your business relies on foot traffic.
  • Get management to mix things up. A slump can resonate through a whole organization. If your business is stuck in a rut, get your management to review policies, processes, and plans to see what improvements you can make for the year’s second half. (And yes, you can do it in Santa hats.)
  • Recruit some fresh talent. Fresh talent means fresh ideas. Is business stuck in the doldrums this summer? Build out your team or bring in an outside consultant to help you refine your goals and achieve more together. 

Talk to StellaPop About Making Your July…Pop!

If the summer slump has come for your company, don’t stress. Take the existence of Christmas in July, proof that for every problem, there’s an (out of the box) solution. This summer, look at where your business is lagging, and take steps to not just climb out of the rut – but leap over it, Rudolph-style. Need help getting those mid-year sleigh bells jingling? Talk to StellaPop!


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