4 Simple Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Work with a Recruiter

Find the right fit

As the blissfully aware, we all know that recruitment, hiring, and bridging the gaps in the workforce has taken a brutal hit over the past few years, making hiring increasingly difficult.

In January 2022, there were over 11.2 million vacant jobs in the US alone, with overall labor force participation expected to decrease from 63.7 percent in 2012 to 61.6 percent in 2022.

Needless to say, talent acquisition has come up against a few major roadblocks as of late.

The solution?

Working with expert talent recruiters for the best chance, with the best candidates, and making the best hiring decisions for your long-term company goals. 

What is Recruitment?

Ultimately recruitment works to bridge the gap between a company’s hiring manager and the most eligible, talented potential candidates.

Recruitment teams work as an invaluable source of expertise in the industry, with the markers of talented individuals and salary negotiations in mind. Recruiters work to get the needs of all parties met, with the best possible outcome for all.

The Role of Recruitment

Professional recruitment is a driving force behind highly successful matches in the corporate world. Recruiters take charge of the hiring company’s needs and really fast-track the process from start to finish, relieving much of the time needed to find the right candidate. Recruiters work to:

  • Pre-evaluate candidates
  • Handle preliminary interviews
  • Extrapolate any potentially important information or details
  • Negotiate salary expectations
  • Tap into unique sources to pull candidates out of thin air

Benefits of Working with Professional Recruitment for Employees

  • Broader reach: recruiters often have long-standing relationships with companies who go directly to the recruiters when they need to hire, without advertising the role.
  • Career coaching: Professional recruiters have a ton of industry insights that can help carve out a career path and provide the connections to help achieve goals.
  • Salary negotiations: With nearly 70% of hiring now involving salary negotiations of some kind, having an expert and a mediator is a benefit for both sides.
  • Confidentiality: Recruiters can act as a great network opportunity and a great source of confidentiality for employees who are open to a job change but not willing to advertise it.

Benefits of Working with Professional Recruitment for Companies

Here are our top 4 reasons why companies will benefit from working with a recruitment team like StellaPop:

1.  Accelerated Hiring Process 

With a vast pool of connections and extensive industry knowledge, recruiters are able to carve out potential candidates from the flock. Recruiters will move through initial contact, preliminary interviews, salary expectations, and any other criteria crucial to hiring.

Hiring managers are then presented with a tidy collection of candidates that most closely match the job needs, who are pre-vetted, and pre-interviewed, saving time and huge resources.

2. Access to High-quality candidates

Using a recruitment agency increases your odds and access to high-quality potentials through a vast database of active candidates. With expert interviewing skills, recruiters pre-screen the talent pool, looking to understand both candidate and employer needs to make the best possible match.

With specialization, recruiters often have technical understanding and complex knowledge of different roles and the skills needed to be successful. This is invaluable for narrowing down candidacy by the most skilled and the most multi-faceted.

3. Client Focused

Most of the investigative workload happens before any potential commission is made.

Without a successful candidate, the recruiter goes without compensation. This system puts the grit before glory and keeps the recruiter client-focused and driven to make the right match.

Speaking to a variety of candidates regularly, the best recruiters have great insight into potential employees and can provide clients with crucial insight and advice like salary rates, skill sets, career expectations, market trends, and more and an equal investment in the success of the hire.

4. It Save Time + Money 

Professional recruitment teams have access to tools, systems, and databases, narrowing down the huge task of gaining access to candidates in the first place. Hiring managers are often confronted with huge costs and man-hours. In fact, the average cost of poor hiring is around $48,000 USD.

When left to internal sourcing, the average hiring failure rate is between 40-60% in the first 18 months. A few bad decisions a year can add up to overwhelming financial burdens.

The Complete Package: StellaPop Recruitment Management

StellaPop recruitment ticks all the boxes.

Using specifically designed processes, talent is seamlessly targeted, identified, interviewed, and recruited. Knowing that the right hire ultimately boosts client productivity, reduces unnecessary costs, mitigates risks, and increases efficiency, StellaPop ultimately prides itself on the long-standing reputation for nailing it.

In the high volume, competitive, and heavily regulated industries StellaPop covers every detail, start to finish, with finesse and expertise:

  • Job Postings
  • Resume Reviewing
  • Interviews
  • Reference Checking
  • Offer Letters
  • Replacement Finding
  • Retained Search

Ultimately, save time and money.

Work with recruiters – 10/10 would recommend.

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