Brand Ambassadors are the Buff and Beautiful Lifeguards That are Always on Duty


“Fish are friends, not food.”

The famous line from Disney’s Finding Nemo comes from a great white shark named Bruce. He’s befriended Nemo, a tiny clownfish. An unlikely partnership, but Bruce has done wonders for sharks, now they suddenly have an ally, making us wonder– are all sharks bad? Maybe they’re friendly?

What does this have to do with marketing and branding? Well, Bruce has better positioned the brand of sharks. He’s in some aspects, a ‘brand ambassador’ for them.

Back to the real world → Brand ambassadors are people who represent and positively speak about your company while engaging others to listen. They embody the brand they endorse, providing credible and trustworthy promotion to your company. They also boost visibility. Depending on your strategy, a brand ambassador could be across social media, or they could be someone recognized within your industry.

Brand ambassadors are invaluable to companies; below, we’ll outline the reasons why we think you should get one (or more!).

1. Humanize your product and company

Brand ambassadors are emotionally connected to your business. They can better sell your brand value by living it out. How has this product or service changed their life? They become a walking example of why someone should choose your company. This adds a level of humanness to your brand, which enables someone to relate better with you. If your brand ambassador engages with their followers about your product in a genuine way, you build credibility in convincing others to do the same. Most brand ambassadors have big personalities, which can show a softer and exciting side to your business.

2. Increase Loyalty and Trust

Media in this day and age is very fragmented. Mass advertisements are not effective, and messaging through social media only goes so far. A major advantage of brand ambassadors is that they can help you build loyalty and trust with consumers. A word of mouth recommendation is much stronger than an advertisement and leads to better results. This is essentially what you are buying into when you partner with strategic brand ambassadors. They can help position you as a trustworthy company and give valid reasons as to why.

3. It’s cost-effective

Word-of-mouth is not only a trusted form of marketing, but it’s less costly than running huge ad campaigns. Brand ambassadors can be paid regularly or compensated with perks, discounts, and merchandise. Some will get involved for free if they really love what your business has to offer.

4. Boost your online presence

Brand ambassadors have an audience of their own, which can boost your visibility. Their network can be used to grow your own. They also can contribute high-quality content for you to repost and add to your own channels and website. This can add more dimensions to your branding and increase traffic.

5. Find new customers

Brand ambassadors use their network to drive new customers to you. The best part about these potential new customers is that they are likely already interested in what you do. Like-minded people follow like-minded people, and if you choose the right brand ambassadors, you will be connected to an audience more closely aligned with your business. This can make your marketing strategy very effective.

Overall, brand ambassadors can help your reputation and credibility. They can position you in a very rounded way showing humanness and increasing loyalty. From a marketing and content perspective, they are worth investing in as they can drive better results than traditional methods.

If you think having brand ambassadors are in your immediate future, and you want an experienced team to guide you through the process, get in touch!

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