5 Ways Move Management Builds Broker Business

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As a commercial real estate broker, you’re always looking for ways to enhance and evolve your business. A smart choice is relocation services or what many now called “Move Management.” It’s an in-demand industry that can empower financial and professional growth for your commercial brokerage.

1. Enhance Your Brand

Move Management is a $25-billion business that’s only getting bigger. Teaming with a proven “move management” company is another form of relationship building that offers numerous advantages. The most obvious are enhancing your brand with another value-added and important vendor connection.

2. Increase Sales Volume

According to the Relocation Council, teaming with a move-in specialist to offer their services as a value-add can increase your sales volume by 20% annually. That’s a potential a one-fifth bump.

3. Have Them Come To You

What’s more, relocation referrals can make your phone ring more regularly than prospecting. Sure, targeting marketing efforts to an unusually hot property area or trending commercial development is a proven strategy. Go one further by adding move-in services to these endeavors enabling you to tap into a rich, revenue resource called long-term tenant retention.

4. Expand Who You Know

The referrals and business relationships developed from Move Management can lead to non-relocation business. As you well know it’s not just “location, location, location,” it’s also “network, network, network.” Move-in services provide another path to making lasting tenants connections.

5. Supplement Slow Season

The Move Management business knows no season; it’s open year round. Companies and people move every day, which makes it another way to fill your pipeline even during slower selling periods.

It all adds up. Utilizing a service like Move Management provides another form of prospecting that can add 20% more sales volume — huge win. Also, it serves as an incredible tool to get your phone to ring more with business on the other end because of the value-add service that not only can boost your profits during slow seasons but also ramp up your connections for non-relocation business as well. Better get moving.

At StellaPop, our Workplace Services team can guide your tenants through every step of office relocation from design elements to vendor selection.

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