Your Lack of Creative Work is Holding Your Profitability Hostage


When we talk about creativity we’re not talking about a toddler’s glittery Popsicle stick creation – though it’s rooted in the same place.

Creativity is novel, non-obvious, useful, and moving ideas executed in a novel, non-obvious, useful, and moving ways.

Approaching business with creativity is essential to your business success. This is particularly true when you’re talking about branding and marketing. Why? 

“Creative work is more memorable, more effective, and better able to drive overall business performance”

Tom Roach

but why?

Without Creativity, We’re Left with Sameness

We’re inclined to drop the mic with the above picture here and just say, “you get my point.” But, let’s go ahead and unpack what we’re looking at.

All of these cell phone ads look the same. They’ve got similar color schemes, showing off similar features, and working that groovy, eerie, space, light speed vibe.

If we took away the brand names on the ads would you know which company produced which ad?

Continued and long-term success doesn’t come from resting on your laurels. It comes from consistent, creative work.





In other words; creativity is fighting to not repeat what the other guy is doing. You might not need to reinvent the wheel, but remember it’s still a NEW wheel.

We’ve Shifted Past the Price Point

Another reason why creativity is essential to business is that consumers are no longer shopping based solely on the price point. This means even if you’ve got the highest quality product for the lowest prices, you’re still up for losing the sale.

Consumers care about a holistic shopping experience with your business, or more accurately, with your brand. Emotion is as much, if not more, of a purchase factor than logical thinking.

You’ll tap into emotional purchase triggers when you’re creative with your brand approach and how you’re marketing to your ideal customer.

Find a Shoe that Fits

Creative Brand Example

Take TOMS for example. It’s a company that sells shoes.

How does it sell shoes? By connecting a purchase of TOMS shoes with taking action on big social issues.

They started out with donating a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased. As they’ve progressed in what products they sell, so have their humanitarian efforts. You buy a TOMS bag, your purchase helps fund what’s needed to provide for women to give birth safely in areas of need. You buy TOMS eyewear and your purchase helps another person get their sight back through surgery or prescription glasses.

Every product has its own life-changing impact.

It. Is. Brilliant.

Consumer reports tell us from the Millennial generation, and even more so with generation Z, consumers are caring more about purchasing from businesses that are about more than making a profit.

Creative Branding is the Road to Customer Loyalty

By tapping into that consumer priority in a creative and novel way, TOMS set itself apart from the noise AND set itself up for customer loyalty.

And you know what? Customer loyalty means customer retention. Customer retention means repeat purchases. Which in turn rolls into increases in profit and longevity.

Invest in Creativity and You Create Profit

If you’re not willing to create a realistic budget on your creative efforts and really push out of that sea of sameness, you’re saying no to real profit growth.

Based on the Mckinsey & Company’s Creativity’s Bottom Line, 67% of companies with high creativity performance saw above-average organic revenue growth. Then, 70% had above-average total return to shareholders and 74% had above average net enterprise value. Compare those percentages to the companies who didn’t prioritize creative work for their business.

Put Creativity Back in Business

The ROI for creative work is nearly overflowing. It takes time and strategy, but it’s there. Start focusing on creatively building your brand. You just need to find a novel approach that fits your company and reaches your customer.

If it seems impossible to you, don’t worry. StellaPop is in the business of doing the impossible and we’re happy to help.

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