Why Your Brand Should be on Social Media Right Now

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If your business is shuttered or facing reduced interest due to the impact of COVID-19, your social media presence may be the last thing on your mind. But now, more than ever, your social media presence matters. That’s because social media engagement is spiking across almost all platforms. TikTok and Snapchat usage are up 47% and 18.5%, respectively, with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all seeing an increase in interest of about 15%.

With 43% of workers now working from home, we’re spending more time on social media looking ways for ways to connect, as well as seeking out the latest updates about the virus and the policies around it. And with shutdowns being extended around the country – and the globe – these trends are likely to continue.

Social Media Is Where Your Customers Are

That’s why dialing up your social media during the shutdown is a must. It’s much harder for audiences to come to you these days, so brands need to meet their customers where they are. When you get active on social media, you’ll reach an audience that is actively seeking engagement and interaction, and you’ll be able to maintain a relationship with potential and existing clientele. Don’t be late to the party. Share your company’s response to the coronavirus situation. Provide valuable thought leadership in your field. Or offer ways to make life easier – or just more fun during this time.

Social Media is the New Social Mixer

We’ve all become intimately familiar with Zoom as the place to connect while social distancing. But other platforms are being used to make connections and stay in touch. Conversational activity between existing connections on LinkedIn is up 55%, for example. There’s a reason: people’s workplace situations have drastically changed, which means they’re weighing new providers, new services, and new working arrangements. Now is the time to reach out, touch base, and leverage those relationships. If there’s anything you or your brand can personally offer your connections, don’t be shy about it.

Ad Spend is Much Cheaper Than Usual

Ad spend has plummeted as brands that have been shut down or that are nervous about finding the right message pull their campaigns. Ad spending among travel brands, for example, dropped by 50% in March 2020. This has resulted in less competition and lower costs, making it a win for brands that are still open for business or that want to chase future business. Soap brands, grocery store brands, entertainment brands, and brands whose business is built around a delivery model are spending up – and you should too. If it makes sense for your brand and your niche, consider a targeted ad campaign that will reach more people for less.

Online Is the New Normal

There’s no consensus about when the world will reopen for business, or what things will look like when it does. Until then, we can only assume that most of our work will continue to be conducted remotely, which means that social media will continue to be a key touchpoint for brands. If your social media presence is lacking, dedicate some time to building a strategic yet nimble social plan – and watch your business grow.

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