Wake Up CEOs! Power Up Your Morning Routine & Set Up All Day Success


Did you know Mark Wahlberg starts his day at 2:30 am?

That means that by the time the average college freshman rolls out at 10:00 am for class, he’s already put in eight hours. stellapop-click-to-tweet 2:30 am might be a tad excessive, but then again Mark Wahlberg commands a net worth of roughly $225 million. So, maybe we all should be taking note.

Waking up and starting your day that early may seem unrealistic, but for Wahlberg, it’s what allows him to accomplish his goals. He takes early to bed and early to rise seriously and it works for him.

Ultimately, while his methods may not work for you, there does seem to be a common thread among successful people that get them to their goals. It all has to do with how they start their day.

How successful CEOs start their day

Business Insider conducted interviews about the morning routines of successful of CEOs in New York. While each morning routine varied, they all said the same thing: get up early, check in with the world, and get moving.

Early bird gets the worm

It’s advice given since the dawn of time (maybe an exaggeration, but still). Starting your day early gives you the opportunity to focus yourself before anyone is asking anything of you. A lot of CEO’s use their early hours for meditation, reviewing their intentions for the day, and checking their to-do lists.

Essentially, by starting early, you have time to do all those activities that people always say are the secret to their success. This is especially important for those “morning people” who find that they’re sharpest during the first half of the day.


When growing a successful business, it’s important to stay connected. No, not on Facebook. But to what’s going on with your business, your industry and the larger world around you. That’s why a good morning routine includes reading industry news, current events and checking in on emails.

Notice I didn’t say responding to emails. The idea is to know what’s going on, not diving headfirst into your daily work the moment you wake up.

By including connecting in your morning routine, you can better plan your day, adjusting priorities and staying on top of trends.

Work it out

There’s probably a list that could wrap around the world three times of people that intend to work out every morning and don’t. It’s because people know it’s a positive way to start their day, but not everyone has the drive to do it.

For that matter, do you want to be the person that knows what’s good for them and doesn’t take advantage of it? Success doesn’t happen without intention, focus, and drive.

This kind of commitment to wellness is a testament to your follow through, exercise releases natural endorphins that’ll lift your mood and boost your energy. So if you want to power up your morning, physical activity is key.

It’s also a great way to relax your mind and prepare for the day mentally. Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water, actually goes on a hike with her husband every morning before heading into work. She says she feels unbalanced without it.

Even Sleep Experts recommend going through a stretching routine before you do anything else. Broken down to it’s simplest form, you need to warm up your body for the hustle of the day.

Power Hour

How you start your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Make those morning hours powerful.

Get up. Listen to an inspiring podcast. Read the latest trends in your industry. Work out. Set your intention for the day. Whatever.

Set a routine that gets you fired up!
Start by powering up each morning, and set up your daily success.

If you need more motivation, think about how every time you hit that snooze button, you’re hitting snooze on your goals, your progress, and your success. Our consulting team help drive success in your business – what’s on your list?

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