Virtual Onboarding: How to Welcome New Hires Remotely


As more companies confirm that remote work isn’t going away anytime soon, and others are indefinitely allowing the option, we continue to deal with the difficulties and new territory it comes with. In regards to human resources, this means virtual interviews and a virtual onboarding process. It’s especially important that you analyze the difference between in-person processes and virtual processes as the first few weeks are crucial to new hires’ success at the company. Below is a how-to on successfully onboarding new hires.

Warm Welcome

Pre-first day send a welcome email and make sure the new hire is equipped and connected to whom they will be spending time with during the first week. Make sure their calendar is full of the correct zoom links, and they have an idea of what to expect. You can go beyond the welcome email and send company “swag”– like a water bottle, sticker, or any item that accurately represents your company culture.

Remember those feelings in your stomach before your first day on the job? Well, it’s just not the same without leaving the comfort of your own home. On the real first day of work, allow time for new hires to get to know each other and to get to know their managers. This could mean ordering DoorDash to their homes and having a virtual lunch together.

Smooth Out the Tech

In addition to making sure you have the correct zoom links ready for each day of onboarding, what other tech needs to be up to speed?

  • Any relevant administrative paperwork needs to be taken care of online. HelloSign or DocuSign are two popular companies taking care of this increased need for online signatures.
  • Embrace some kind of instant communication, especially for the first few weeks when new hires may have lots of questions– this could be a Whatsapp group or Slack.
  • Record any training videos beforehand so that hires have access and can rewatch if they have any trouble.
  • If the trainer hasn’t virtually trained someone before, make sure they have plenty of support and a process for everything. Never hurts to do a test run, especially with tech involved!

Introduce Everyone

Depending on the size of your company, introductions may be too overwhelming to have on one zoom call. We recommend breaking introductions into smaller groups and spacing them out throughout the weeks of onboarding and training. Strategize which teams are most important to meet and at what time and make sure that there’s time for new hires to get to know everyone and understand the culture. This will ensure hires’ feel like they are becoming a part of a team.

Check-in & Check-Out

It’s possible new hires will feel a bit out of the loop being remote. Having a check-in and check-out time for the first week can be a really useful tool to answer any questions and handle any extra administration. Be clear this will not be a normal meeting to expect but just for the on-boarding process.

Think Forward: Discuss Goals & Deliverables

Employees need to understand from day one how they will be evaluated, the company goals, and values. Make sure they have these resources available virtually and an empowering environment that allows employees to stay connected and collaborate.

Overall, remote onboarding is possible and can go smoothly with proper planning and consideration. Don’t forget how excited it is to become part of a company and make sure that it is conveyed digitally.

Take these tips and make your new hires feel right at home with your company! StellaPop can help, connect with us today.

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