Using the Power of Fear to Scare Yourself Into Being Your Best

power of fear

Humans are thrill-seekers by nature. We devour horror films, gobble up the latest Stephen King release, and secretly hope our houses are haunted. (By a friendly ghost, at least.) That’s because the occasional scare is good for our brains. Horror gives us room to push boundaries, safely explore challenging ideas and situations, and see how we’d react in a thrilling situation. The thrill of a jump scare or death-defying situation is also why we might give skydiving a shot – or get anywhere close to a clown.

If you’ve spent the past few weeks googling scary costumes, creepy decor ideas, or the top Halloween movies, you’re already in a thrill-seeker state of mind. Good news: you can also channel that fright-lovin’ inspiration into achieving killer business and personal success. Here’s how.

Scared of New Things? Face that Fear Head On.

Leaping into a new endeavor is scary, sure. But you know what’s even scarier? Looking back and realizing that you’ve missed out on an opportunity. This spooky season, get in touch with your inner thrill-seeker and try your hand at something scary like:

  • diving into a new business
  • expanding your line of offerings
  • making that new connection
  • putting yourself out there (costume or no)

Find what makes your heart thump, then add it to your to-do list. If it scares you, it’s worth giving a shot.

Terrified of Standing Out? Go Get ’em, Tiger.

If you’ve always done things by the book, now’s the time to take a plunge outside of your comfort zone. Confront those anxieties, see what’s beneath them, then turn that blood-pumping adrenaline into something positive – and powerful. If standing out or trying something new is scary to you, face those fears. Try:

  • brave new ways of thinking and creating
  • adopting new technologies and processes
  • mastering the art of public speaking
  • rebranding for serious impact

Find what you’ve been avoiding, then go after it. The less you want to do it, the more you probably should.

Hanging Back? Push Yourself to Do Better.

Comfort zones are nice places to be. For a little while. Spend too much time in one, and the world will pass you by. The upshot? You’ll miss out on opportunities, connections, and innovations. Now that’s scary. If you’ve been hanging back out of fear of making a mistake, getting something wrong, or that you’ll just plan to fail, redirect that anxiety in a way that will work for you. (Seriously, in horror films, hiding out never has a happy ending.) Try:

  • learning a new skill or language
  • meeting or connecting with people
  • volunteering your time or skills
  • setting new goals and milestones
  • pushing for a promotion or advancement

Don’t let fear or discomfort keep you away from personal growth. Get out there – or risk living a life of boredom and repetition like a B-movie ghost.

Need Someone to Scare You Towards Success?

If you need an expert eye to help scare you or your team towards personal or professional success, the team at StellaPop is here to help. We know how to identify the high-value goals and ideas that give you the jitters – and help you create a plan to chase them down. Because if you ask us, the scariest thing in the world is failing to live up to your dreams.

Let’s face those fears!

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