Trendsetter: Branding Your Office Space


When it comes to branding, today’s companies are thinking even bigger than ever. Environmental branding is becoming a trend as businesses realize that even their office space says something.

Stuff isn’t just placed in an office just to fill space, it’s there to tell a unique story, on a large and unique canvas.

But why would anyone even bother branding an office? The short answer is because it works. Branding your office space can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

The benefits are twofold. Not only are your employees happy and satisfied when their environment is enhanced with decor and design that is on brand, your client’s satisfaction will go up as well.

Just like when a client lands on your website, when they walk into your office, they should know immediately what you have to offer and the message you are trying to communicate. Not to mention, decking out your office space so it’s on message also helps to facilitate creativity among your team members and encourage thinking out of the box.

If those reasons alone aren’t enough, consider this:

A company’s brand should be the backbone of everything they do, everything they stand for, and it should emanate out of every crack and crevice, every word, from your website, from your business cards, and yes… even from your office. Clients and employees alike should have no doubt as to the message you are trying to communicate, because it’s consistent and repeated everywhere.

Not to mention, if you design your office space with the company culture and habits in mind that you hope to cultivate, then your employees will naturally begin to assist in shaping that culture. With that said, here are some tips for branding your office.

Pay Attention to the Details

No touch is too small. Sometimes the details are what makes the most impact. Perhaps you have certain types of art scattered around that communicate your brand values. Maybe your company motto is painted across the wall. The most effective branding of office space fuses both the behavior of your employees as well as your office composition itself. If you’re trying to build a practice that is collaborative and creative, it starts with good branding.

Ask Your Employees How They View Your Company

Every business should make it a point to question staff and take the pulse of their company. Oftentimes, employees see things differently than perhaps you do, and their input can be very valuable.

Start at the Core

Look back to your company’s core values. Your office space should scream those values and show what you’re here to do. Not only will this inspire brand loyalty, it will also inspire employees to always keep those core values in mind.

Make the Most of Your Space

If your office has something special about it that can be used to help create your brand story, then by all means, use it. You can also incorporate location details into your brand. If your office space is a big warehouse-type space and your brand vibe is very “underground,” use that environment to your advantage and create a space that screams secret underground.

Align with Your Website Presence

Your website uses certain colors and accents to communicate your brand, so it makes sense to use those same colors and accents to help brand your office space, too.

Remember that branding your office isn’t about just filling up space with a bunch of stuff. It’s about messaging and using a very different type of canvas to create art and tell a story. Your story. stellapop-click-to-tweet

Ready to explore the branding possibilities in your workspace? Let’s grab coffee and discuss. 

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