Tips for Getting That Light-Bulb Moment


Eureka! You’ve been trying to figure out the answer to a problem at work that seems to have no solution.

And then, you’re drinking your morning coffee running your to-do list through your head and BOOM.

The sun hits the window seal and it’s like that light bulb clicked on in your head and you know exactly what to do.


It’s a swift insight that makes everything clear. It can cause you to completely change your mind. It’s a click into place where something else was missing.

And when you’re trying to grow a successful business or career, the more of these moments of genius you have, the better.

So can something that seems so incredibly random and out of your control be fostered and triggered more purposefully?

Heck. to. the. yes.

How to Create Epiphanies at Work

This is more about creating the opportunity for an epiphany or even more so leaving space for you to have an epiphany. However, it’s not impossible to purposefully trigger epiphany moments in your work.

Step One: Jump Out of Comfort

We’re creatures of habit. We’re likely to do the same thing every day until we force ourselves out of our comfort zone. It makes sense. What we know is stable and we crave stability.

Epiphany is finding what we don’t know.  So to create the opportunity for epiphany more frequently, make sure you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Challenge your skills regularly and go places you’ve never been.

It’s how you’ll turn your mind on and auto-pilot off!

Step Two: Meditate like a Boss

Yes. Meditate.

It might seem silly if you’re not used to it. But meditation is a sure-fire way to induce epiphany as you force yourself to dump distraction. Plus the more frequently you practice meditation, the more capable you’ll become of being fully present in the moment. Which again, leaves room for a true epiphany

Step Three: Think About It

We want you to think about the problem you’re trying to solve as often as possible. Not in a pity party, I’m never figuring this out sort of way. But rather, thinking through what you’re trying to solve and opening yourself up to inspiration. Do this before going to bed or meditating and you’re VERY likely to find your way to the AHA!

Step Four: Get Social

You’ve got to get outside of yourself.

Maybe the epiphany won’t come from anything you’ve got going on. Collaborate with the people around you. People are inspiring. They come with so many different experiences and viewpoints.

Delegation is huge in running a business and being successful in any career. So, why not delegate epiphany creation?

Be the Old Dog Dancing Around With New Tricks

The more you work at creating space for epiphany and finding new perspectives, the more often it’ll happen. This will improve your creativity and productivity. I mean. You’ll be nurturing epiphanies in your sleep!

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