Times They Are a Changin’ and Why Your Website Should Too

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This COVID-19 thing is putting a monkey wrench in all the plans for businesses everywhere. For that reason alone, it’s important to keep your website updated regularly to reflect the most current situation. Things are changing quickly these days, and while it might feel like a hassle to constantly update your site with new information, in the long run, it will only help your business succeed and stay afloat during these uncertain times. Below are a few tips to help you stay current with your website.

Your Company COVID-19 Response

For some companies, it may very well be business as usual. For others, you’ll need to make your customers and clients aware of your changes in operation, and if you’re staying open, what you’re doing to mitigate risks to everyone’s health. You should also make sure your current operating hours are easy to find and make sure your company is aware of any other pertinent changes that might affect their ability to do business with you.

A Way to Purchase Online

If you sell products online, make it as easy and intuitive as possible for your customers to place orders. If you don’t currently sell products online but have been considering it, now is as good a time as any to better serve your customers as safely as possible. Make sure when selling products online that your production times, shipping times, and other relevant information are readily available so that your customers know exactly what to expect when they place an order with you. Otherwise, you could have irate customers contacting you, wondering where their purchase is because they didn’t realize production times are slower than normal right now.

Premium Customer Support

Though you might not be able to serve your customers and clients the way you normally would right now, there’s nothing stopping you from providing excellent customer service. Even if you’re not currently open for business, you can still make sure you’re taking calls and explaining the situation, so that customers aren’t just left wondering what’s going on. For businesses that remain open or are still partially operating, make sure your customers have the ability to reach you and ask questions, whether that’s through a phone call, a functioning contact form, or some kind of chatbox during normal business hours.

A Functional and Easy to Use Website

Finally, this might even be a great time to give your website a complete overhaul: new design, new information, new everything. The world of the internet changes just as fast as our current economy, and having a clean, responsive, well-designed website is vital for the success of any business. A website with visual appeal is important for conveying a great first impression, so staying on top of design trends helps your website look fresh and not outdated. People that land on a site that looks outdated will often click away because they assume there’s nothing the site can offer them. It’s like the proverbial ghost town. Not only that, but if your website design isn’t functional and responsive, or it’s difficult to navigate, you send a subliminal message that your business is not functional or well-structured too.

While this list is short, you can easily see the value in keeping your website updated, especially in our current reality. Yes, COVID-19 has changed the way businesses are forced to operate right now, but by keeping your website updated, your customers and clients will know that this situation isn’t forever, and soon enough, business will return to normal. We’re in this together.

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