The New Era of Online Meetings: Your Passport to Pivot into Virtual Events

virtual events

Even if you’ve explored virtual events or virtual, hybrid events in the past, chances are you’re still entering a brave new world where virtual events are your ONLY option. This means you may need to beef up your event planning team. Ensure you include those with the talents and skills capable of navigating all of the technical aspects of a high-level virtual event.

Don’t Lower the Bar

You’re planning ahead now, not playing catch up. Last year taught us that we can be a little more forgiving with each other as we figure out new normal and put our adaptability to the test. However, now is the time to think thoughtfully and carefully about how to push the boundaries of what virtual events offer. Blaming your platform for a poor virtual event just doesn’t ring right.

Our virtual event options are expanding rapidly. Get creative on how to allow your attendees to interact. A little unpredictability is natural and even good, but it’s time to stop assuming your virtual event is destined to be subpar.

Expect it to be great, and you’ll find a way to make it so!

Be Clear About What You’re Promoting

Don’t mislead your customers on the nature of upcoming events. We all know everyone is having to make some changes and find ways to keep going. However, be clear about what your customers should expect.

If you’re selling tickets to an upcoming event with great speakers, you have to be clear it’s a virtual event and exactly how viewers can participate.

Keep Key-note Speakers Compact

Even if your key-note speakers are the most engaging speakers, virtual events lend better to compact Ted-Talk style speakers. Jon Reed, the co-founder of diginomica, states that in a virtual event, keynotes can quickly become white noise. Keeping speeches focused and purposeful will increase their impact and keep the engagement going.

Embrace the Break-Out

One of the great opportunities for virtual events is the option of break-out rooms. Following a key-note, attendees can break into smaller, more intimate groups to have discussions with CEOs, trailblazing partners, or other experts in the field of topic.

Expect Success and Accept Nothing Less

Successful virtual events are more than possible. Outline your goals, review your brand strategy, and evaluate what you actually need to pull it off. Don’t settle for anything less. This is how disruption happens. Expect more and push boundaries.

Need help navigating the new era of virtual events, trade shows, and meetings? Call in the experts. Let’s virtual chat!

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