Strategies for Managing Change in your Business


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If you’ve ever tried to get multiple people to understand and implement new processes, you already know that it can be akin to herding cats. The cats only grow in size when you’re trying to change the way your business operates.

It’s important for all team members to be on the same page because as your business grows, this only becomes harder. So, how can you begin to overcome this hurdle?

Create and Document Systems

The best way to get and keep a team on the same page is to document your internal processes and create systems for people to follow. Everything you do in your business usually follows a certain process, even if that process is extremely simple.

The goal in creating systems that everyone on your team can then refer to and use is to start by documenting all of those processes in your business. Start with the ones that are vital to your day-to-day operations and revenue, and then begin creating systems for all of the less important stuff. Once you have all of your systems in place, your business will run like a well-oiled machine, no matter who is at the helm.

Leverage Your Team’s Hive Mind

Ask your people what’s working and what’s not in the day-to-day operations. Ask them what tools they’re using that work well and which ones seem to have lackluster support. Then narrow down your processes and tools to only the best of the best that everyone is using successfully. Remove any tools that duplicate the job of another tool that does it better, or a tool that does all that, plus more.

Eliminate processes that are clunky or revise them, so they are more streamlined. Document everything and use that information to create systems and a workflow that works for the entire team and increases the productivity of everyone as a whole.

But Why?

If you want everyone on your team aligned, they have to understand and share the vision you hold for where you see things headed. Hold a meeting to discuss goals as you implement new changes and share the “why”, so everyone understands and is motivated.

Make Yourself Available

Finally, it’s important to make yourself available as your company experiences growing pains and changes. Be accessible to your team and let them know your door is always open for any concerns or questions they may have. Allow them to feel heard if they are struggling with change and search for creative ways you can help them adjust and integrate, while still helping your business.

No successful company exists in a vacuum, so make sure your people know you care about them just as much as you care about growing your bottom line. If they feel seen and heard and appreciated, they will work all the harder to help your business become (and remain) successful.

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