StellaPops: Not Your Grandpop’s Popsicles


Move over, FroYo: there’s a new FroPro in town. Artisanally crafted using a secret in-house recipe that serves up equal amounts of attitude and chill, StellaPops are delivering the ultimate Hot Girl Summer.

As our cofounders put it, “Big Popsicle said it’d be a cold day in Helado before relinquishing their crown. Well, look who’s wearing that crown now? StellaPops, that’s who. We’ve got no chill – except where it matters.” 

So why StellaPops, and why now? Glad you asked, friend. Let’s kick back on that porch swing and travel back in time. 

Ice, Ice, Baby (With a Twist of Old-World Lime)

The popsicles of today have come a long way from their predecessors. In Ancient Rome, popsicles were nothing but crushed ice with fruit and syrup drizzled over the top. In 7th Century China? Buffalo milk and rice, with flavoring. Persia was onto something with its sorbet-like snacks, but popsicles were a long way off. (Just ask the food critics of the time.)

Chilled desserts leveled up a bit in the 16th century when a few countries started experimenting with a creamy take on the ol’ “ices.” England, France, and Italy started mixing cream and eggs into their recipes, giving their Bridgerton-Esque patrons a taste of something ranging from ice cream to gelato.

But regular folks weren’t on the ice cream train until the late 19th century when ice houses became more widespread. Once people like us had access to a means of storing chilled food, ice cream really took off. 

Stirred, Not Shaken (And With A Touch of California Dreamin’)

Fast-forward to the 20th century, the one that brought us the telephone, internet, vaccines…and the popsicle. Soda fountains were all the rage – and “soda jerk” became a legit occupation. Then in 1905, a kid called Frank Epperson of Oakland, CA, had a scientific breakthrough thanks to his total failure to clean up his room. Frankie left a glass filled with water and powdered soda out on the windowsill overnight, still with its stirring stick in it. That Bay Area chill hit, and bam – instant popsicle. That stick became the defining feature of the popsicle we know and love today. Well, after his friends convinced him not to call it an Eppsicle, anyway. 

Frankie’s mom was mad, but only for a while. (Probably.)

The world went sick for popsicles. Fudgesicles became the base-level model we all knew and loved. Double-Pops made us divide up the goods. Crayola got in on the game with its edible “crayons.” And Australia gave us the epic Bubble-o-Bill, an ice-cream cowboy on a stick, because why not?

Enter StellaPops – We’ve Got the Competition Licked.

But, look. It’s been a century. And even the popsicle, that incredible symbol of modernity, has room for improvement. There’s more to be achieved in the Wild West of Popsicle-land.

Enter StellaPops. That’s right. We’re sick and tired of being hot under the collar here in the Virginia summer. Plus, the name was right there. So we’re doing it, friends. We’re disrupting Big Popsicle with killer flavor profiles, epic rituals – and game-changing health promises. 

“There’s a new sucker born any minute – but StellaPops ain’t one,” says our cofounder. “We saw the pain points: popsicles that melt down your hand, turn your lips orange, give you a brain freeze. Our audience is taste-forward and experience obsessed. So we delivered the avocado toast of popsicles. Maybe it means you won’t get to buy a house. But so what? The experience is just that good.”

So good that our NorCal friend Frankie probably would’ve called it a #HellaPop. 

Don’t believe us? Go check us out, order a case for your friends, and embrace the artisanal chill that even Netflix can’t deliver. Because StellaPops will make you a true believer in love at first lick. 

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