Social Media Embassies: How to Build Them


Social media is a powerful tool to expand your reach, strengthen your brand, and build relationships. And if you think of your website as a country, then you could argue that your social media channels are your embassies – the outposts you have in other communities to communicate about your company.

So how do you make sure you’re fully leveraging your embassies? Take a look at the tips below to make your social media presence all it can be.

Choose the Right Embassies

First, keep in mind that your company doesn’t necessarily belong on every single social media channel out there. Facebook and Twitter are likely mandatory but think strategically before signing up for apps like Snapchat or Instagram. Make sure you have enough relevant content to share on these channels – content that makes sense for those audiences. If you’re struggling to come up with pictures to share on Instagram, for example, perhaps you should rethink your presence there instead of grasping at straws for posts.

Learn the “Local” Culture

It might go without saying, but it’s essential to follow the rules of each social media channel. That means knowing the lingo, how to use things like hashtags, and general guidelines for engagement. In addition, learn the demographics of your audience on each channel – you’ll want to adjust your posts and tone depending on who you’re talking to.

In addition, your profiles should reflect exactly who you are as a company. Social media should be an extension of your brand to further solidify it in the minds of your customers and the public.

Share Quality Content

Just like you want to keep your profile details up to speed, you want to make sure your posts live up to your current brand. Share content appropriate for each channel and make sure your language matches and augments what you say in your advertising and on your website. And, of course, you want to post content that’s compelling and shareable.

Deploy Ambassadors

Your employees can serve as fantastic ambassadors in your social media embassies. Encourage them to jump into the conversation and share great content about your company. People will respond well when they see positive and compelling content coming from outside your company’s official profile.

Build Relationships

A critical role of an embassy is to interact with its surrounding community. Social media should never be a vessel for one-way communication – it should be more like a conversation. Building relationships with your followers will help create even more ambassadors of your brand, as well as help your content reach an even larger audience.

Before you dive into a social media presence, make sure your website is the best it can be. Without a strong nation, you can’t have great embassies. If your website needs some work, read these 8 things to keep in mind when redesigning your website.

If you’re looking for tips on what to post and how to interact on social media, check out 10 ways to engage your target audience on social media.

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