Sink or Swim: Keep Your Business Marketing Afloat

Sink or Swim

A great marketing campaign is like a great white shark: it’s smart, it’s stealthy, and any encounter with it is absolutely memorable. There’s a ton that your brand can learn from our sharky friends when it comes to marketing. Ready? Chew on this.

Just Keep Swimming

Contrary to popular belief, sharks that stop swimming don’t die. But they do sink. Avoid that same fate for your marketing efforts by continuing to invest in outreach efforts. Marketing can take time to show its ROI, but it’s critical for building brand awareness and driving interest in your products and services. Still, be wise about where you spend your time and energy. For every campaign, have a goal and a way to know whether you’ve reached it. Keep moving forward, but be like a shark and course correct if the data dictates. You don’t want to keep hunting in empty waters! 

Take A Bite out of New Ideas

The ocean is experiencing tons of changes due to advancing temperatures and overfishing – meaning that sharks need to adapt how and where they hunt. The same is true of the marketing ecosystem. If you’re still unwaveringly committed to those old ways despite the world around us changing dramatically year on year, it’s time to try something new. Chomp down on new audiences, sink your teeth into new technologies and methodologies such as gamification or AR, and make some waves! Stuck on ideas? Try hunting down some of these.

Chase the Right Prey

Marketing is all about return on investment. Don’t invest valuable resources chasing after small fish. What’s going to deliver more satisfaction – a handful of krill or a massive tuna? Figure out what audience is going to fill your brand’s belly, and develop a strategy for going after them instead. Research your market, figure out the best fit, and target your outreach in a way that makes sense. Why expend effort on low-value leads when you can feast instead?

Expand Your Hunting Grounds

Narrowly focused on a single touchpoint? Even if you’re doing one thing really well (for example, nibbling on snorkelers’ toes), branching out is vital for longevity. In today’s omnichannel world, brands need to pay attention to the entire customer journey and create a seamless experience that allows people to engage with your brand wherever they are—sort of like a shark expanding its hunting grounds – or its diet. 

Swim Like You Own the Place

Sharks might be apex predators, but they still have competition for food – and territory. They need to be smart about where they swim, how they hunt and keeping competition at bay. Your brand needs to do the same thing. You don’t need to own the whole ocean. Carve out your niche through brand differentiation, highlight your USP, and make your uniqueness work for you. 

Need a Pack to Hunt With?

There’s strength in numbers. If your brand needs to shore up its marketing skills, talk to the team at StellaPop. We’re pros at helping brands create killer marketing campaigns with serious teeth. 


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