Running Lean: Do You Have Mid-level Management?


King Arthur ruled over Camelot, bringing it security and prosperity. How? By utilizing his best people – the knights of the roundtable – to get the job done. King Arthur didn’t manage each and every farmer, blacksmith, and soldier individually. That would have been impossible- and possibly insane. King Arthur had a strong middle management team that executed his vision.

What’s the Deal with Mid Level Management?

Many companies have CEOs and worker bees, but they’re missing mid-level management. That might work if you want to keep your company small and never change or grow in any way.

But, let’s face it. Every CEO has a vision for their company that includes growth and success.

Mid-level management is your knights of the roundtable. It’s that intermediate management level that’s responsible for lower level staff and the daily execution of the company vision.

Lead to Growth and Success

Client Satisfaction:

When you utilize mid-level management properly, you’ll start to notice an increase in client satisfaction. Your mid-level managers will have the time you don’t to be hands-on throughout every step of producing for your clients.

This isn’t because you’re bad at time management. As CEO, you’re in charge of the big picture, and delegating to mid-level managers is the best time management tactic you can use.

Additionally, if you’ve paid attention to who you have as you’re middle managers, they’ll be experts in the areas you have them managing. This will lead to a higher quality of work by your worker bees and ultimately what you produce for your client.

Employee Retention:

You’ll also likely have a boost in employee retention when you have an excellent mid-level management team. Employee’s don’t stick around in a job they hate, and one of the leading factors that cause an employee to be unhappy is mismanagement.

Being overworked, underappreciated, not listened to, and skills underdeveloped are just a few of the ways you’re sure to lose an employee. These problems happen either when you don’t have mid-level management or when you don’t have middle management that knows what they’re doing.

You want to keep talented employees because talented employees are who are going to make your company goals happen. They’re in the details.

Plus, if you’re able to keep the most talented employees, you’ll attract more high caliber workers in the future. And if you want your company to succeed, the people working for your need to be the best. So, it is essential to have a trustworthy mid-level management team.

Ultimately, improvement in both customer satisfaction and employee retention will lead to long-term success.

Get with StellaPop

StellaPop offers this as a service to you. We offer everything from strategic planning to infrastructure leadership to human resources management and all the way down to IT expertise.

Middle management is an integral part of achieving your company vision. It’s middle management that implements the ideas to reach the goals. This is what StellaPop does, and we do it with excellence.

Be like King Arthur.

Invest in building strong mid-level management with StellaPop.

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