Ready to Rebound: Get Ahead With Your Marketing Now


If you have a little more downtime on your hands than usual, or you’re starting to prepare to open back up for business. Now’s the time to knuckle down and get ahead on those marketing tasks that you don’t usually have the time to attend to. The hard work you put in now will pay dividends when the country reopens for business.

Get Auditing

An audit uses data to analyze what’s working – and what’s not – for your business. Here are a few dimensions we recommend taking a look at:

  • Brand identity. Is your brand identity on brand and up to date? Does it reflect your brand and your position in the market? What changes could be made to build your reputation and success?
  • Social media. Is your social media achieving enough reach and engagement? Are you speaking to the right audience? Are you generating click-throughs and conversions?
  • Blog posts. Are your blogs ranking for your desired keywords? Have they been updated to meet current SEO guidelines? Do all internal and external links work?
  • Spending. Where is your marketing spend going, and is it generating results? Are there services you could cut or drop, or others you could invest in?

Update your Info

Things change quickly as your business grows, and it’s easy for static pages on social media or in online directories to show old information. Check and update the following:

  • Social media. Are you using up-to-date details and links? Are your icons and background images the right size and resolution?
  • Website info. Update the info on your website footer, About page, or contact page if needed. Check that your media kit contains updated information, too.
  • Directories. Are your listings on directories such as Google Maps, Clutch, or GoodFirms updated and displaying the right information about your company? These can be good for lead generation, so don’t let them slide.

Jazz Up Your Website

Your website is your calling card. It’s the first place most new contacts will visit – and the first impression you’ll make on them. Make sure yours is pulling its weight in terms of:

  • Design and flow. Does your website adhere to current best practices? Can you make it simpler and more intuitive to use?
  • Content. Does your web copy clearly and concisely communicate what you offer? Is it on brand and written to appeal to your target audience?
  • SEO. Is your site optimized for SEO? Does it rank for your desired keywords? Is it compatible with all browsers, and is it indexable by Google’s crawlers?
  • Conversions. Is your site performing the way it needs to? Update your CTAs and perform A/B testing for the best results.

Start Strategizing

Even if your current marketing mix is working well, there’s always room to explore new channels or strategies. See if the following work for you:

  • Podcasts. 32% of Americans regularly listen to podcasts. While they take time to create, their reach can be huge – and well worth the effort.
  • Videos. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Live – there are plenty of options for brands wanting to create video content. Just pick the channel that works for you!
  • Original research. Research helps position your brand as a thought leader. Plus it generates new content and stats not found anywhere else, driving people to your site.
  • Automated campaigns. Personalized, automated campaigns can be an incredible avenue for reaching new audiences. Go the print route with featured freebies for extra credit.
  • Local news. Work to get your name out there. Sites like HARO are always seeking expert input, while news outlets like your local Patch or newspaper will be happy to hear from you.

Even if business is quiet, your marketing doesn’t have to be. Spend this time dialing up your marketing efforts so that when you reopen your business you have plenty of business to serve.

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