Our Ninja Weapon for Building The Ultimate Customer Experience – Scenario Analysis


Walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll understand.

We love to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Why? When making any decision regarding your customer’s experience, set the scene as if you were a first-time consumer. Asking a few key questions. How would we have gotten there? What would be looking for? What are the fewest steps to any buying decision?

What’s the forecast?

If we’ve learned anything from the weather, we know that we can’t always predict the future. But, we can map out different possible scenarios and plan for them accordingly.

We use scenario analysis to walk through all potential outcomes, just as if we were a customer, manager or user. We use it to imagine all sorts of scenarios, both good and bad. No detail is too small, and this strategy tool is essential in helping us estimate the impact certain actions will have on your business brand.

Some examples of key moments to use scenario analysis are:

  • Developing a new website
  • Deciding the hierarchy of any data set
  • Revamping your automated marketing workflows
  • Launching a new product line or service offering

Using scenario analysis allows us to evaluate the risks and rewards of every option, and present multiple potential pathways for your business to reach your goal. We are essentially brainstorming several different ways to solve one problem, whatever that problem may be. Those differing options are created by approaching the problem from a variety of angles.

Storm Warning

By using this strategic planning concept, we are able to help you visualize the potential for your business and create a game plan to bring that potential into fruition. Not only does using this tool help us help you in creating your game plan and imagining possible outcomes, but it also allows us to predict possible negative outcomes and take steps to either head them off at the pass or mitigate them entirely. Think of it as the early warning forecast for storms. The sooner you have the info you need, the better you’re able to prepare.

Walk a mile in the customer’s shoes

Scenario analysis isn’t new but it is proven and in our opinion the “ninja weapon” of brainstorming, ideation, and problem-solving for every business or organization looking to grow, improve, and prosper. It’s used by movers and shakers across boardrooms, in the military and by great leaders in all walks of life and business.

It’s a decision-making super tool used to help strategize and visualize best and worst-case scenarios to see how different outcomes may be affected in a given situation, different variables, and actions that are taken.

There are some small drawbacks to scenario analysis, which lie mainly in the fact that interpretations of outcomes can be subjective. What one person believes is a “good” outcome, another person may see as a “bad” outcome to be avoided.

Our goal is to help you make that decision armed with all of the information we can garner, with every scenario we can think up, with every option tailored to your unique situation and problem. Now… how may we help you develop the best strategy?

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