Office Solutions: Coworking in the Post-Covid World


With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic now in sight, businesses, governments, and landlords alike have been pressing workers to return to in-person working. But this past year has seen a huge shift in how – and where – people work. While some workers are champing at the bit to get back to their desks, others are relishing the flexibility afforded by work-from-home life. Then there’s a third camp: those who don’t mind popping into the office on occasion to catch up and reconnect but who don’t want to make their presence a full-time thing.

One solution to keeping all of these groups – along with your bottom line – happy? Coworking.

The Key to Flexible, Hybrid Working

A full return to the office probably won’t be on the cards for at least another year. Depending on your industry and how your team is distributed, it might not be on the cards at all. But renting an office space or series of hot desks in a coworking space lets you claim the middle ground. Coworking’s flexible, on-demand nature means that you can easily shrink or expand your office footprint depending on your current needs, making it a great solution for hybrid working. Bringing on new staff? Expanding a team? Reshuffling responsibilities? Coworking spaces keep the red tape and inconvenience to a minimum.

All the Amenities, All the Locations

A crucial part of the appeal of coworking spaces is their all-in-one, turnkey approach – and hard-to-beat central locations. Because they court tenants focusing on innovation, networking, and growth, they tend to be positioned in downtown spaces or near major business hubs. Not only that, but they understand that their tenants have certain expectations around what it takes to do business – and do it well. As a result, coworking spaces emphasize the “experience” of working and have a reputation for offering a highly amenitized environment equipped with tech and admin services, dining options, fitness facilities, and various programming. This is great news for your company culture and team morale.

A Solution For the ROI-Minded

A traditional commercial lease is a major overhead for most businesses, accounting for around 10% of revenues for most industries. But with major city hubs seeing less pedestrian traffic and many customers and clients shifting to virtual or remote meeting or shopping options, a premium address is not necessarily worth the expense. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, are an efficient, economical option that allows organizations to lease only what they need – while enjoying all the perks and amenities of traditional office space. And their short-term, flexible nature means that businesses are well-placed to quickly pivot or course correct as business needs or employee preferences change in the coming year.

If you’re considering embracing a hybrid or fully in-person working arrangement, talk to the team at StellaPop. We’ll help you identify the workspace approach best-suited to your organizational needs – and work with you to define and implement the key processes and procedures that will translate into success in the post-COVID world.



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