Mighty Over Massive: Choosing A Small Creative Agency

StellaPop-Small-Business Creative giants have long ruled the advertising world, but times are changing. Small creative agencies are proving that mighty is more potent than massive. Big brands are working with smaller creative shops, swapping bureaucracy for innovation and agility. Small agencies cut through the noise, think outside the box, care about the work, and attract top talent who want to work closely with their clients.

For big ideas, it’s best to think small. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a small creative agency:

They think outside the box and drive innovation

Choosing a small agency can feel like a break with the status quo, but in a world flooded with marketing messages, isn’t that the goal? A small agency will challenge your thinking and encourage out-of-the-box ideas. In order to compete with big agencies, a small shop stays ahead of consumer curves and is constantly pushing the boundaries of creative execution. Their goal is innovation, not standardization.

They have just the right amount of cooks in the kitchen

It’s no secret that great work comes from a small group of people working closely together. We all remember group projects in high school or college, where an increase in cooks ensured that nothing got done in the kitchen. With small creative agencies, you eliminate the communication backlog and dive into the heart of the work. Small creative agencies are quick to respond, quick to deliver, and quick to iterate.

When it comes down to the actual creative process, you are not skimping on support by choosing a smaller creative agency. All 500 people at a large agency won’t show up at your design sprints or weekly check-ins. The process at a small agency does not look like a minimized version. It’s staffed equally and adequately – without the internal bureaucracy that bogs down creative giants.

They are niche experts who play to their strengths

Big agencies may flaunt a comprehensive suite of capabilities, but small agencies know their strengths and play to them. They are niche experts and offer precise, pointed knowledge instead of sweeping standards. This affects much more than their company bio. They hire for talent, not numbers. They grow strategically and engage with clients that align with their values. They are passionate about their point of view and treat every client as a collaborator in growing that vision.

You have their full attention

When you engage a small agency, your project is not one in a million. You have their full attention and the entire team is invested in your collective success. Small agencies only do well when their clients do well. They are not supported by a global Rolodex of projects, with agency success ebbing and flowing as projects come and go. Small agencies are in the race with their clients, driving with them towards success.

They attract top talent

Small creative agencies are often made up of young creatives who are eager to make a difference on every project they touch. They care deeply about their work and have the entire agency backing them up. There is no hierarchy to convolute project goals or prioritize old ways of doing things.

But it’s not just young creative geniuses at work. Top talent continues to leave big agencies to work in small shops where they can build close client relationships and get back to the heart of the work. These talented individuals are choosing mighty over massive… for all the same reasons that brands are.

You know who you are working with

When you engage a large agency, bait and switch techniques are rampant in the pitch process. You sign on for that one big name, but the team gets shuffled as soon as the project is locked in. There are a lot of talented creatives working at big agencies, but the talent is diluted by scale. When you engage with a small agency – one that has impressive talent and a team that clicks with yours – you know that those same faces will be seeing your project all the way across the finish line.

They have something to say

If a tiny agency with a mighty message catches your attention, it’s safe to assume they have something to say. Large agencies assume you know what they do. Their client roster and case studies speak for them. To compete, small shops must be confident in their world perspective, firm in their values, and have a fire in them to climb the same mountains as the big guys. At the end of the day, all of these things will prove far more valuable than an impressive, antiquated roster.

Mighty is much more potent than massive.

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