Marketing is Like Weight Loss, It Doesn’t Happen Overnight


It’s the start of the new year and everyone is talking a big game about the goals they want to achieve in 2019. The gyms are packed with new members. Scales are purchased. Whole30 is started. Motivational quotes fill Instagram feeds and seem like they’ll never end. These people are really determined.

Did you know marketing success is eerily similar to weight loss? Keep reading to see how.

It doesn’t happen overnight

First things first – neither marketing or weight loss success is achieved overnight. There is no quick fix.

When trying to lose weight, there’s a tendency to weigh yourself every day and then quit pretty early on when there isn’t an immediate change.

The same goes for marketing – you can’t post a couple of times on social media and expect your engagement to skyrocket and sales to multiply.

Walk away from the analytics. Don’t watch that pot boil! Yes, you need to keep an eye on it. But, if you stare at it, it’ll never seem to do what it’s supposed to be doing!

It takes time, consistency, adaptability, patience, and endurance.

Everyone has their own method

When trying to lose weight, there are a lot of different strategies, programs, and best practices. Lots of experts giving direction and putting in their 10 cents. Plus, what’s considered the best method for weight loss seems to change over time.

In marketing, there are a lot of different strategies, programs, and best practices… Some work better in different industries and for different goals. You’ll have a lot of different marketing experts trying to teach businesses how best to market their brand. What’s considered best practice tends to evolve over time. What worked one year, may need to be adjusted to work just as well the next.

You have to think long-term

For long-term, sustainable weight loss, it takes more than hard work. It takes a shift in thinking. It takes adapting to a healthier lifestyle that allows you to not just lose weight, BUT maintain a healthy weight. It’s not a two-week juice cleanse.

In marketing, you can’t slap together a one-off campaign and expect that it’ll transform your business. It just doesn’t work. You need to shift your thinking to the long-term. You need to think big picture. This shift in thinking will lead you to marketing strategies that can endure and create a healthy business with room to grow!

The elimination diet

When starting towards a journey to weight loss, it’s tempting to implement changes all at once and use many different strategies. While it might take multiple approaches, it can be hard to know exactly what works best for you if you try too many diets and workouts at once.

Marketing uses many different strategies and approaches to find success. However, if you make all the changes all at once it can be hard to track what’s making the biggest difference. While success is success, it’s important to be able to know what’s working the best for your business. This way, if you plateau, you know what strategies need to continue and what can be cut or changed.

The basic principles will always ring true. If you need help shaping up your marketing or need help implementing sound strategies with consistency, just think of StellaPop as your new coach.

A marketing coach that is.

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