Launch Your Coworking Space With An Event For The Ages


Everyone likes a party, and a launch event is a great way to get people into your space. Anybody who comes through your doors is a potential tenant, so the more the merrier – for both your guests and your bottom line.

Here’s how to bring the crowds with a coworking launch worthy of the lifestyle pages.

Get the Details Together

When putting together the marketing materials and invites for your event, make sure you:

  • Explain what your event is – along with the when, where and what to wear. Share benefits as well as endorsements from speakers or guests.
  • Gather speaker headshots and bios. Everybody loves a well-known industry thought leader as well as their insight.
  • Upload a great image to your page. This will be captured by social media when people share your link around.
  • Put together additional media to boost buzz. Videos, gifs or images will all help add to the excitement.
  • Remind guests as the date gets closer. Send an email to attendees and those who have not yet RSVPed a week or so before the big night, so that your event is fresh in people’s minds. This will also get you more signups and visitors.

Getting the Word Out

This is the most crucial element of your entire event. If people don’t know about your event, they won’t know to come!

Here’s what to do:

  • Let the local media know. Your chamber of commerce, local newspaper or local events website is likely happy to share the details of your event. Put together a media advisory and share it with them.
  • Ask for media coverage. If you’ve been in touch with the press, ask if they want to send someone to cover the event. Alternatively, arrange for a photographer or videographer on the night, then try to get post-event coverage.
  • Add the event to your website and your social media channels. Don’t just prepare a simple post – put together an event page with great looking image assets that encourage sharing.
  • Ask guests to share the wealth. When people RSVP, ask them to “invite” others by forwarding or sharing the event link.

Keep it On Brand

Great events are true experiences. As a business, you want to deliver a high quality, branded experience that begins with the invitations and lingers long after the doors close. After all, the aim is to show your guests that signing up for your space is a no-brainer. Consider:

  • Invitations that reflect your space, its personality, and its services. Online RSVPs via a clever micro-website is a great way to show that you are tech savvy. Consider physical invites if you’re targeting the design or TAMI crowds – but be sure to capture contact details.
  • Decor and accessories that show off your brand and what you do. Think posters, napkins, and a cake. Give a speech if you must! You don’t want guests leaving without knowing what you do.
  • Activities or performances that showcase your space. Have high-speed internet? Rent some impressive tech that makes the most of it. A great kitchen? Bring in a chef to show it off.
  • A guest list that reflects your target audience. The aim is to drive RSVPs but also obtain as many leads as possible. Narrowly target your invitations to ensure that the most relevant people are coming through.

Capturing Leads

Many of your leads will be captured when guests RSVP online. But, you can expand your lead capture efforts by:

  • Inviting attendees to bring a guest(s) with them and signing them in when they arrive.
  • Giving out vouchers for free hot desk use, event attendance or discounted rent/services.
  • Hosting a prize raffle among attendees who sign up for your service(s).
  • Handing out “swag” bags with gifts and vouchers that reflect your brand and showcase what you offer. Think coffee samplers, miniature office plants, and cable organizers.

A Word on Timing

Hosting your launch event on the eve of your official launch may seem like a good idea. But the aim is to drive recognition and capture new tenant leads. Host your launch event prior to your official opening date so that you can follow up on the leads you capture throughout the night. stellapop-click-to-tweet

Another option is to host a free “hot desk” day following the launch night. This will encourage visitors to return and try out your space.

A great launch sets the tone for a great business, so make it one to remember.

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