Legends of

The Deep

Do you know these creatures lurking in the last unexplored region of the planet?

196 - 4,265 ft.

Goblin Shark

The oldest living species of shark, this is truly a face that only a mother could love. They are known as living fossils that can use their retractable jaw to catch prey.

2,700 - 4,700 ft.

Ninja Lanternshark

This shark was recently discovered in 2015 and is jet black with bioluminescent features. Its name comes from it's ability to glow in the dark and its ninja-like hunting style.

393 - 5,150 ft.

Frilled Shark

Responsible for the myth of sea serpents, this shark's species name means "consisting of snakes."

2,569 - 7,200 ft.

Greenland Shark

Among the world’s largest predatory sharks, growing up to eighteen feet in length, but also among its most elusive.

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