The Buyer's Magical Journey Through

Candy Land

Your customer journey should be a series of calculated moves, not a game of luck. Let’s look at it through the Candy Land lens as we chart the path of a prospect and how to move potential clients closer to purchase.



This is where a good SEO and content marketing strategy plays a key role in your marketing strategy. The content on your website should answer questions for your target personas and if you position that content appropriately, it will put you in a position to convert.


At this stage, you should still be delivering information to help them make the best decision. Create content that offers solution comparisons, case studies, or reviews that your buyers may be investigating. Think about what type of content will move them to the decision stage. It’s important to position your content as a resource, not a hard sales pitch.



At this stage, the buyer has decided on a solution category that addresses their pain point but is still deciding on a specific tool or company to use. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and craft offers for them to demo your product or a free consultation.

With proper marketing tactics,

you should be able to create an adventure they’ll
enjoy over and over again.