8 Brand Rules to Riding Bodacious the Bull Like a Pro Rodeo Superstar

Creating unique and original brands is like riding a bull or bronco in the rodeo; it's a scary and adrenaline-filled fantasy ending with satisfaction and a memorable brand. It requires skill and training, an eye for messaging, and positioning, all under the bright lights and pressure of the client and end-user crowd. So, why is defining what a brand is and should end up being so tricky?

Like riding Bodacious for 8-seconds, it takes the following 8 golden brand strategies to ensure your business leaves the arena with the champion brand belt buckle.


Rule #1

Tell a Story

Brand storytelling is the act of using an emotion-evoking narrative to connect your brand to customers, focusing on creating empathy and emotion by linking what your brand stands for with the values you share with your audience.


Rule #2

Different Things to Different People

Intelligent, thoughtfully designed, and successful brands reach all kinds of different audiences who matter to their business and aim to further their brand relationships with each individual.


Rule #3

Brands Start Shapeless

A brand usually starts its life amorphous and edgeless; it is shapeless. To make sense of any branding experiment, it must begin with a framework some degree of structure; once this beginning veneer is applied, a visual shape starts to develop, giving meaning to the brand and the virtual space around it. 


Rule #4

Brands are About Feelings

Feelings are complicated; bulls aren't complex; they want to kick your butt. Successful brands today are always emotionally infused. They hold significant emotional meaning for people, and that's what makes that brand loved and respected.


Rule #5

Be Highly Recognizable

There's a lot to learn from the brands we interact with every day, and each brand is meaningful because of something different, which differentiates the service or product, making it robust to the people who matter the most.


Rule #6

Define the Impact

Day-to-day is where we see the brand living, breathing, and doing its job. Take the impact of engaged customers and clients; measure the value for the business valued and tailored for the right fit, increasing innovation, creativity, and brand loyalty.


Rule #7

Finding a Shared Understanding

Even though it's a challenging exercise, establishing a shared understanding of how you define your brand and its meaning to your business can help guide your brand and business forward. With brand alignment, you can build a marketing strategy around a unique brand and allow your business to reach its full potential.


Rule #8

Master Minimalism

In fairness, minimalism can be a complex concept to wrap your brand brain around, and it probably means different things to different people. Minimalism aims for simplicity and objectivity. It strives to reduce works to the fundamental, the essential, and necessary and stripping away the ornamental layers.


Saddle Up

Your business will experience many brand rodeos, don't forget falling off is part of the process; pull yourself up and get back on for the ride of your life. You don't have to be a rodeo star to saddle up with StellaPop; we'll get your brand onto the first-place step sporting a shiny champion's brand rodeo belt buckle.

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