It’s All About the Experience – Business Management Trends for 2020


This entire past decade has been about the foregrounding of experience. Experience is key to how we interact with brands of all types, from these we shop with to those we work for. Brands that recognize the value of experience give us something to align ourselves with and something to get behind. They don’t just have customers or employees: they have fans. Those that don’t? They risk being relegated into the dustbin of “businesses” instead.

Here’s what will separate the brands from the businesses in 2020.

Brands Will Embrace Personalization Through AI

Personalization reduces acquisition costs, raises revenues and gives your marketing a boost, says McKinsey. Today’s customers don’t want to be “sold to”. They wanted to be invited to participate in or experience something that’s relevant to their needs. With its data-crunching and predictive capabilities, AI allows brands to do this in real-time and at scale, delivering a personalized experience that goes beyond expectations.

Brands Will Do Away With Silos

A common point of friction for customers is siloed experiences. Too often, websites don’t talk to apps, and apps don’t reflect the in-store experience. The result is a missed opportunity for brands, who risk losing customers due to time-consuming redundancy or incorrect product availabilities. With digital being a core driving force in how today’s consumers shop – both online and in-person – brands that focus on people-centric, seamless digital experiences will be well ahead of the curve.

Brands Will Care About Everyone’s Experiences

It makes sense to focus on your customers. After all, they’re the ones buying your products or services. But the organizations that realize that every person in the entire supply chain is part of the customer experience will be the ones who really get ahead. All brands have internal customers as well as external ones, and treating them with the same degree of care and interest is critical to your brand-building efforts.

Brands Will Focus on Trust

Trust is an increasingly high-value part of business success. With the growth of digital and what this means for consumers’ privacy, together with increased expectations around transparency, trust is an integral part of the customer experience. Brands that focus on protecting their customers by implementing digital protections together with transparency in business practices will bring what’s needed to the customer experience.

Are You a Brand or a Business?

Experience has always separated brands from businesses, but today’s savvy, well-educated customers have high expectations about what that experience should look like. Brands that deliver on that promise will be the ones that thrive in 2020 and beyond.

If you’re a brand looking to audit or overhaul your brand experience, get in touch. The team at StellaPop is happy to provide expert insight into ensuring that your brand delivers the experience it needs to stand apart.

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