Is Your Website Ready to Compete?

It’s a law of nature and business. In a constantly changing world, your company must adapt and evolve, or be left behind. This has never been truer when considering the Internet. It’s where business is done today. Here’s a few statistics that may astound you:


Another fun fact? There are more devices connected to the Internet than people on Earth.

When prospects find you, will they discover a website that’s an asset or a liability? Let’s assume your brand messaging is topical, relevant and differentiates. But is your website doing its job in delivering this critical brand messaging? Following are four critical online considerations.

1. Website Makeover

Does your website look old and outdated? Are competitors doing a better job of marketing online? Your website is a living asset that should be updated to address changes in your business, your customers, and the market. Studies show that businesses that proactive update their online assets consistently thrive and prosper.

2. Mobile Ready

Did you know standard websites – how sites appear on a desktop, laptop or tablet – don’t work on smartphones? From being denied access to parts of the website, to being cut off by the smaller phone screens, if your website is not designed for mobile use, it’s a wasted investment. In fact, a site that’s not mobile-ready conveys the message that you’re clueless to the “Internet of Things.” Why would a prospect do business with a company that appears behind the times?

3. Promote Your Site

Don’t have a party that no one attends. Websites don’t promote themselves. Your site can only be effective if it’s found. Relevant search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) plans are essential. Collectively they assure you dominate the first page of a Google search, enhance visibility, promote content, increase traffic and drive growth. With a site that features relevant information, you’ll build new connections and help turn browsers into buyers.

4. Join the conversation

People have conversations via social media daily, and often the topic is about your company. So join in. Invite people into conversations on your website by providing places to comment and respond. Connect your site to the wider conversation by creating and linking to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Be more concerned with listening to what people say than telling them what you want them to hear. The rewards are market insights, stronger brand connections and a faster response to complaints and criticism.

StellaPop offers a complete suite of online services that do more than promote your business. We influence, impact, inspire and persuade people to act, visit, call, click, purchase and embrace a fierce loyalty to your brand.

*Statistics based on content from ServiceMaster. 


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