Is Your Business Considering Using AI for Hiring or Talent Acquisition? How AI Impacts Recruitment Results


If there’s one thing you can be sure of, industries are continually evolving. When you throw AI (artificial intelligence) into the mix, you can bet on some pretty major disruptions, impacting everything like transportation, medicine, software, consumer goods, and yes, even HR.

In today’s world, AI is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for recruiting. You can streamline and automate all those time consuming, low-value tasks, and maximize you and your team’s ability to grow your business effectively.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In the simplest language, AI is just software with the ability to do tasks that humans would normally do. It learns how to do these tasks through techniques like natural language processing, machine learning, and sentiment analysis. These tasks include things like:

  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Decision making
  • Translating
  • Vocal recognition
  • Visual recognition

And that’s just to name a few! There are a host of other things that AI can do as well, including some that are still in the experimental phase.

How AI Helps You Recruit

Artificial intelligence is handy for recruiters in several ways.

Candidate searches: When searching for new candidates, AI can be used to scrape a person’s digital footprint and combine that information with their resume to create a profile with personality traits, skill sets, and experience, so that you can match the best person for the job.

Screening process: Let’s face it; winning top talent can be like going to battle for some businesses. It’s crazy competitive and will only get more so as time marches on. Using AI to help screen your candidates speeds up the process significantly, allowing you to shortlist only the candidates that seem like the best match, while you work on other things.

Predicting success: There’s no doubt that hiring the right people for your brand is key to long-term success. Your employees are assets, and you can use AI to emulate some of your top performers, to help you narrow down the list of future candidates. Using qualifications, history, and other factors, an AI can identify whether or not the candidate is truly the right fit for your team by comparing them with past star performers.

Removing bias: We are all subject to certain biases, whether we are aware of them or not. AI can actually help you make better decisions without allowing your innate biases to cloud your judgment.

Improving training: Part of running a successful company is training your staff well and offering continued training as employees become more experienced. AI can give you data that allows you to make better training decisions and fosters leadership growth. It can also help you recognize age and skill gaps, so you can properly train your team no matter what skill level they may be at.

Employee retention: It’s much easier to keep a current employee feeling happy and fulfilled than it is to be on a constant quest for new employees. AI can compile data and use predictive analytics to determine things like when someone might be ready for greener pastures or a promotion. Team members that feel supported in reaching for new opportunities and meeting new goals tend to have higher morale and stick around a lot longer.

Artificial intelligence is the future, and it’s expanding at an ever-increasing rate. Why waste more time than you have to spare when you can actually save time and improve your business and recruiting practices in the process.

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