How to Stay in a State of Innovative Business Thinking

Innovative Business Thinking

According to Merriam-Webster, innovation is a ‘new idea, method, or device’ also defined as ‘the introduction of something new.’

In the creative world, being innovative is necessary to succeed. However, it’s not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Getting more focused isn’t always the cure, and neither is giving yourself more time or adding more teammates. So what does stimulate innovative thinking?

How can we constantly strive to operate in a highly creative manner?

We’ve shortlisted 5 ways for you to keep performing at your highest and most innovative self.

1. Go with the Flow

Enter the ‘flow state’ and completely commit to the present moment. Have you ever ‘lost track of time’? You may have been in a mental state known as ‘flow.’ The flow state was popularized by positive psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Jeanne Nakamura. It describes a feeling where you are fully immersed in what you are doing.

The benefits of being in the flow state include higher levels of creativity, productivity, and happiness. A Harvard professor, Teresa Amabile, conducted research that suggests the flow state doesn’t just heighten creativity at the moment but over the long haul.

To enter the flow state, think about which activities make you lose a sense of time. Practice them and cultivate more creativity.

2. Change it Up

Transform the space you work in or spend a day elsewhere. The space we work in has a profound effect on us. Work routines have a tendency to make people feel like every day is the same, which keeps them comfortable. When looking to be innovative, it’s important to change it up. Different places can stimulate your mind in new ways and change your perspective. For example, when you come back from traveling, it’s easy to feel more excited about life. Challenge yourself to bring this feeling into your regular week. Go somewhere new and set up camp for the day.

3. Just Keep Learning

We live in a time where learning something new is as easy as a press of a button. There are podcasts, webinars, and social media to give you a taste of education everywhere you look. Innovative people are always learning. They’re not afraid of being a beginner and attempting to understand something previously foreign to them. Learning new things helps them to connect different fields and come up with innovative ideas. Innovative people blend together concepts and create a new vision entirely.

Consider going for a walk once a week and listening to a podcast about something new. Follow an educational account on social media, or sign up for a webinar. There are all sorts of free content out there. Things like painting tutorials on Youtube can stimulate your brain into the realm of innovation. Whether you are reviving your brand or working towards a business operations solution, learning something new will help.

4. Take Space

Disconnecting is a powerful way to stay innovative. Ideas sometimes don’t present themselves until we’ve taken time away. Consistently innovative people take breaks, spend time in nature, and schedule their time effectively to avoid burnout. Figure out what activities revitalize you and go to them when you need rest from work.

5. Check in With Others

Innovators know they can’t accomplish everything alone. So they surround themselves with people who push them to be better. Collaboration is a huge part of innovation. Many companies recognize this and design their office space to cater to it. Creative brainstorming can lead to better business ideas.

Consider how your company currently approaches this. Can improvements be made? Can you reach out to a colleague to bounce ideas off of? It will surely pay off in the long run as we simply cannot consider everything by ourselves.


Overall, everyone is so very capable of innovation. In the past year, humanity has innovated more than ever in modern times. Teams and individuals alike have pivoted to remote work, built more inclusive environments, and dreamt up new ideas to tackle the future of their company.

Are you looking to be more innovative in your space? Talk to StellaPop about ways to foster more creativity. We can help you take your business to the next level.

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